Yes , the 200MPG carb was real. There were 2 different Patented designs from Canada in 1935. Mr. Charles Nelson Pogue sold several he made in his own machine shop to the Canadian military for use on Jeeps. They did perform, but were a little hard to start in winter. The liquid was changed to fumes gases , before entering engine intake manifold. Also tested for 200MPG on Ford model T 8 cyl car with news reporter watching 1935 . The chemical composition of gasoline was a different BLEND back in those days. The modern gas would only allow temporary use of a Pogue carb, and then clog up- , because of "light + heavy ends". I ran a VW 4cyl engine in a wheelbarrow on gasoline fumes gases, idle speed, from cobbled homemade carb, long time back, just to see it work. It worked like the old style house rotating moisture humidifier box with added heated input air. Engine exhaust was perfectly clean on tissue. Crankshaft was started with electric drill and socket, because a starter motor on VW is attached to transaxle. . I knew it would work, it's just that I was surprised to see gray colored fumes from modern gasoline. Mr Pogue retired years back in Florida rest home , after he was paid off "lots" for his invention. No visitors allowed. Paper drawings are still available of his work.