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    Tesla Round 2, The Mission of Eric Dollard | Indiegogo


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    Hi Greghaa,

    Awesome man! Great to see Eric Dollard....i relate his work with that of Don Smith.

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      Dollard is the real deal, hard to understand but worth the slog. I still think JB and Bearden are easier to comprehend.
      Tom C

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        Should post this on Reddit. Also contact the guy who writes

        He was the one who started the campaign to buy the Tesla lab in NY and turn it into a museum.

        The Oatmeal's Latest Fundraiser To Save The Tesla Tower - Forbes


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          What happened to the page? I don't think the time had expired... Did Indiegogo take it down?

          EDIT: Apparently they did take it down for review:
          Originally posted by Indiegogo
          It looks like the campaign, is currently under review. Indiegogo has a proprietary and effective fraud algorithm and when suspicious activity is detected the campaign is immediately frozen pending review.

          Similar to other popular online platforms such as Twitter, Youtube, Ebay and Craigslist, when any suspicious activity is detected the campaign is immediately frozen pending review.
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            suspicious activity? I would say only on the part of indiegogo...


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              Ok, it's back online! Also, this might be interesting to some of you... I think it's definitely worth sharing.



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                cool, I shared it but for some reason it won't let me create an account to sign the petition.


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                  ERIC DOLLARD UPDATE TOPICS...

                  • SEISMIC PROJECT SUCCESS!
                  • TWO NEW INTERVIEWS

                  The last one month has been quite an adventure! We all pulled together and the bond money for Eric Dollar's seismic project has been covered. There is also almost $12,000 that can go towards equipment. Eric is very excited an enthusiastic about this project and thanks everyone for their contributions.

                  SEISMIC PROJECT SUCCESS!

                  If you donated through Indiegogo, your Perks will be honored. Eric will be out of touch for a few weeks, but we'll get all those taken care of. Of course some can't happen until the conference or until the project is far enough long to show a demo, etc... He will be writing some thank you letters as soon as he is back at the lab.

                  If you donated by Paypal directly, we'll even give you the same Perks that you would have for your contribution amount as if you did donate through Indiegogo.

                  Thank you to the latest donors in Paypal!

                  Bryce H. $100
                  N.T. Inc $5
                  Heinrich B. $15
                  Troy F. $30

                  Paypal donations now total $858 + $20,500 in Indiegogo + about $100 in Teslacoin for a grand total of = $21,458 in the last 27 days or so. The campaign expires in just a couple days so anything anyone can pitch in would be greatly appreciated by all!

                  Thank you all so very much for all the support!!


                  If you are going to the 2014 Energy Science and Technology Conference to see Eric Dollard LIVE and watch him give some demonstrations, you can see the description down under his bio:

                  Also, please notice there are TWO SURPRISE SPEAKERS coming to the conference and both of their presentations are relevant to Eric Dollard's work. We'll be announcing who they are soon. There are only about 130 seats left so register now while you can.


                  In case you haven't seen it, visit the Feb 5 post by Eric (T-Rex) in Energetic Forum and you can see the first chapter of another book Eric just wrote. He completed over 1000 equations - this is a technical book so watch out! It is spread over about 5 posts.


                  TWO NEW INTERVIEWS

                  Here is the recent interview by Gary Hendershot of the Smart Scarecrow Show:

                  This is another interview by Adam Bull a couple days ago:

                  Aaron Murakami

                  You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.” ― Richard Buckminster Fuller


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                    If you haven't seen the news, together we all raised $26,000 for Eric Dollard's Advanced Seismic Warning System! $25,065 in Indiegogo (so we beat the goal) and almost $1000 in direct Paypal donations plus about $100 from the Teslacoin community.

                    If you contributed to the campaign and claimed any Perks, they will be honored. Eric will start to write the letters, etc... when he gets back to his lab.

                    If you have any questions for Eric Dollard, please post them on his Facebook page here: instead of sending a private message, please post it publicly in the status/updates section that says: Write something on Eric Dollard's page...

                    If time permits this weekend, I can do an interview with Eric answering those questions.

                    Also, stay tuned for another up coming interview with Eric that will be shown on a very popular/famous Tesla network.

                    REMEMBER, you can meet Eric Dollard personally at the 2014 Energy Science & Technology Conference. We also just confirmed that William Lyne author of Occult Ether Physics will also be presenting! Register if you think you want to come even if you can't send payment right away - that will at least lock in your seat. Energy Science Conference - 2014

                    Thank you,
                    Aaron Murakami

                    You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.” ― Richard Buckminster Fuller


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                      Hello , I had the pleasure to recently view the video of Eric's antenna project and, though most all of it was far over my head, it seems clear that Eric is probably the only soul on the planet making a "meaningful phone call" with his connection to above and below ground. And all without silly phones or computers! And what a Corolla! He started to talk a bit about the visibility of earth, moon and mars beyond our atmosphere and I am most fascinated with this bit of reality. Can anyone point me to a thread/discussion by Eric on this where he might go into detail explaining how he sees it?