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    Few months ago I had chance to research a non stop engine model. Now it has been improved and works well, and I would like to say it here

    1. Tools and facilities:
    - The main component of this model is a wooden toy with dragonfly shape. Its head is a rectangle which is curved upward, with long tail
    - A sharp pillar
    - A medium sizes magnet (In attached screenshot it is the round and white piece)
    - Some tiny magnets

    2. Model
    - Stick the tiny magnets under the tail of dragonfly shaped specimen. The gravity of magnets make this specimen settles down toward the tail.
    - Then, touch the sharp peak of the rectangle head of the specimen very slightly into the top of the pillar. It makes the balance status of this dragonfly toy is very unstable. It is very easy to drop down as seen in attached screenshot
    - Put the medium sized magnet vertically and so close to the tail of the specimen so that their facing poles are NOT the same (i.e. north to south or south to north)
    - Keep the whole system in an insolated room, with all doors and windows are closed to prevent air wing influence.

    3. Operation:
    - The attraction force between 2 magnets makes the tail of the specimen is pulled down slightly, before it is up again. Then a new period starts with the up and down movement of the specimen tail, again and again etc.
    - The position of the medium sized magnet is adjustable so that it can give best result to the movement of the specimen. If the distance between magnets is so far, the force intensity is so weak to result in movement. Otherwise, the strong attraction force from the medium sized will also prevent the specimen from moving.

    I let my model there overnight to make sure that there is no stopping. And luckily it does not stop until now.

    I post my article here so that any interesting individual can follow and replicate my experiments.

    All of my expectation that you can contact me and replicate my experiment

    See my clip in Youtube at

    Thinh from Vietnam

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    The movement of this model is very amusing