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  • Switching circut.

    Hi Guys .
    Well I have been at this for 3 years now and have successfully constructed a 6 pole Bedini SSG machine that runs exceptionally well. It charges its own batteries and continues to operate continuously as I swap the batteries around. I find the best results with the cells im using
    (Panasonic . model number LC-R121R3P .52AMPS 12VOLT 1.3AH/20HOURS sealed lead acid) to be approx. 5 minutes run time to 15 minutes charge time. 4 cells complete the affair. 3 charging while one runs the system. I have yet to place the device under load but it looks promising as it produces a reasonable amount of torque at 6300 rpm.
    And now the question....

    Battery switching circuits.

    I have looked high and low and gotten ideas on comparators and time based devices and all sorts of paraphernalia but I wont construct them because they require unreasonable amounts of power to operate. Has anyone Any ideas on a time based system?. Or a voltage comparator system that is a workable venture for a 4 battery system?.
    I really need help here as I have already exhausted my imagination and Google and need a new direction. Intelligent suggestions are most welcome ..
    What I am really looking for is a schematic with labelled components " naturally that would be cherry " If I could be so lucky..
    If Mr Bedini is out there monitoring this please help. I'm so close to achieving what you have stated all along. A fully self regulating zero point powered device that runs itself and a load.

    If there are any questions you whish to ask me go for it . Ive been at this for a while now and I might be able to help you on your project.

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    Hi cmorri20,

    I designed a PIC based 4 battery swapper for Rick a while ago but as far as I know he never did anything with it. It was a shame because it was designed for a Bedini SG, an inverter and also for an external charger such as a TX-2A12.

    But if I had do do it again I would rather design a 2 battery swapper and use 2 of them if you are running 4 batteries.

    if enough people are interested in something like that I might consider doing one as a kit.

    John K.


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      John K
      I like several others I believe would love to see this kit come about if reasonable in price you could sell several of them
      it would bridge the gap to getting a self running system going for several people and to start them on a trail to getting
      off the grid
      (just a thought)


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        Yes I would be a kit. Most certainly. I believe if we can get more people around the world to get these things self sustaining " no human intervention while under operation "
        burying the technology will be near impossible. And the bastards are trying.
        As a demonstration to a room of kids at school it would be ideal.
        May I have a look at your design for a PIC based 4 battery swapper. If that's ok with you naturally.


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          Kids are great if you show them something they know pretty fast whether its real or not. Then they ask questions..


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            cmorri20, I can't post the schematic as it was a commercial agreement between me and Rick's company.

            But I can say that it used a PIC that was fully automated to control 5 relays with voltage sensing on all 4 batteries. Batteries were switched when either charged or discharged, where battery voltages were displayed on an LCD. It would also momentarily cut the power to the Bedini SG when switching to prevent transistors from blowing out.

            It was good for small batteries up to a 2A load, but also could be modified so the on-board relays could drive larger relays to switch larger batteries up to about 20A loads.

            John K.


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              That's fantastic John.
              Now I know it can be done successfully. Pity about the contract but well done for your integrity.
              Will keep you guys posted. All the best.


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                Sorry for my ignorance about this kind of matter, hence I am preferring to see the kit so that I already recognize what is that literal kit. However, this kind of matter really make me interest. But still want to have some output about this.
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                  Click image for larger version

Name:	BatswoppersetoutwithLED.jpg
Views:	2
Size:	68.4 KB
ID:	45731Here is a battery swapper made by The Daftman.
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                    I never tried this circuit but it looks fine -
                    It uses PIC developer board and small relays which can drive bigger ones...

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