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John W. Keely Energy Machine Devices Fraud 1865-1899

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  • John W. Keely Energy Machine Devices Fraud 1865-1899

    I have studied the works of John Keely for 8 1/2 years, and spent about $600 on old documents. I have received statements from NY Library, The Franklin Institute, Library Of Congress, search services from Detroit, Michigan, and collected majority of old articles photocopies of notations. Another page sent to me has the photo of section of the heavy wall thickness brass tubing with dimensions as cut from behind the walls of Keely machine shop in Philadelphia 1899. Many Keely type reference books were purchased and studied.

    He, in 1865 had went to New Jersey machine shop and purchased equipment from man who was bilking money from a doctor. This newsman then drove all the way back to Pa. and to Keelys lab. In the back room was the same equipment as perfectly described in New Jersey. There was a 30" heavy wall thickness sphere high pressure tank capable of 30,000 lbs pressure, a 40HP piston engine that Keely had hooked up to building gas line, and 35,000lb pressure liquid hydraulic screw type fluid pump.

    Now, in case you don't know about the demonstrated high pressure generation of moisturized ETHER, here is an example. A rural country homeowner with water pump in his basement , has a separate water tank kept at about 40lbs pressure. There a large air bubble kept at upper inside of tank. Water is normally taken out from the bottom and pumped upstairs. Keely had later kept the sphere tank under the floorboards of first floor. Many knew that he had this, but did not make any notion connection "about it". A valve at top of water tank will RELEASE very small amount "quantity" of air at the same pressure. This is what Keely did with his equipment at 23000lbs. The ID of brass tubing flowed little quantity , but at the very high pressure, and he called it various levels of ETHER disassociation.The gas released was moisturized and had rendered the lengths of tubing cold to touch.
    Engineers did not like the pressure gauges as they may have been tampered with, so Keely removed all of them and used another apparatus to prove exact high pressure. A warehouse weigh scales with vertical cylinder would push upward against negative leverage 14 to one ratio steel arm on pivot end against a 500lb weight hung on end. The long brass tubing across the room attached to very small high pressure vertical tank that contained ID so that the vertical tank volume displaced was matched to the air cylinder internal ID . The test would then draw very little volume, only as necessary to raise up the arm proving actual 23,000lbs. The scales and cylinder was dismantled to prove no fraud by the engineers. Back in those 1800's very high pressure was not generally known about .

    I was especially interested in the demonstration of 15 second generation of 51 inches vacuum for open pan mercury bath with U shape manometer as open to air. The displacement of mercury showed level change to 51 inches. Later, i determined that regular labs without an expensive vacuum source pump, install a special T fitting on sink spout. The center hole produces small vacuum source for lab tests. Keely did the same thing with flowing 23,000lbs air past fitting , causing vacuum suction to change the manometer. reading. The first floor of Keely shop had carpeting with recurring designs. Upon building inspection of 1899, their were under carpet spring operated valves that could be pressed by foot. Keely kept visitors during energy demonstrations behind a roped area.

    Another vertical machine was called The Liberator. It had various tuning forks and a wind up noisy 15 second timer up above. The high pressure thick walled long tank was bracket mounted horizontally to machine. This would also demonstrate 23000lbs pressure when operated, and went to the lever arm tester.
    Visitor would open valve at end of tank, pouring in water, so that it flowed out other end. This seemed to satisfy the investors and engineer of no precharged pressure. After my several cups of hot chocolate during one winter, I examined the machine photo with magnifying glass and took notes. I had figured out that fraud also. The Keely Motor Company was a $5 million dollar business. He had all the money to purchase expensive parts. The valve at right end of tank was standard type. The other valve at left end was homemade. They both should have been the same.
    The next discovery was a weld line on same left end. This means the end was sawed off and rewelded. Now....I want you to think about what happens when pressing on the center of your car tire valve with miniature screwdriver. Yes, the air comes out. This is what Keely did when demonstrating the LIBERATOR machine. When turning the left valve, the interior rod moves inward and pushes open the "OTHER" valve on the end of the ENCLOSED interior precharged pressure tank. (The pretest water had just flowed inbetween the tanks.) At about the same time, Keely releases the noisy timer , to cover up the air escaping and filling up inbetween the tanks. He then proceeded over to the lever machine to show bonified pressure of 23,000lbs. At that point of my discovering this method of fraud, and then a couple others, I discontinued the research into Mr. Keely's actions.

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    Small scale bench top nuclear COLD fusion should be best done using the John Keely frequency physics of the late 1800's. His 42 new laws of vibrational physics allows for 2 masses to attract each other with certain ratios of harmonic frequencies. Even with same sign polarities of magnets. For example,-- vacuum generated in brass hollow sphere without pump suction or chemical ablation from inside unit. Exterior shell vibrated so as internal to external ambient is changed and reduced pressure inside. The air molecules condense. Our ambient zero on gauge is actually many lbs pressure, but science uses zero. Keely showed 51 inches vacuum on open mercury bath tray using open U shape tube Manometer gauge. Engineer, newspaper people, and investors were all present. This was just one of his many demonstrations. The Keely Motor Company was 5 Million dollars operation with over 100 devices, mechanisms. A summary of 3 Keely books, published about 1892, was called "The Snell Manuscript". See John Keely reference books. I was mainly interested in his easy generation of hydrogen and oxygen from water with an array of tuning forks and thermocouples/thermopiles wires of silver, gold, and platinum to the resonating test ball cavity. The nodes (junctions) generated multiples of upper frequencies."Juxtaposed coherent aggregates vibrating in unison, or harmonic ratio, are mutually attracted. Mr. Keely was a metals' machinist, musician, inventor, con man and physics researcher of resonance phenomena.

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