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Cold Fusion Nuclear Testing Suggestions?

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  • Cold Fusion Nuclear Testing Suggestions?

    The way earlier Cold Fusion bench tests actually work, but have no precise controller mechanism. Set it up and wait. Those interested in that field should be looking in related areas of expertise of new techniques that could be applied. Check out the lab work of John W. Keely Philadelphia machine shop work of 1865-1899. Many books are available on his demonstrations of physics tests. I was impressed when he could make Hydrogen and Oxygen fuel gases easily from water with special harmonic vibrations applied with tuning fork array settings. Later, in the back of the Keely Discoveries book, he said that after a hundred expulsions of his resonance steel ball water chamber, there was gummy substance that he could not account for. Back in those days it was not generally known that 1 out of every 5000 molecules of water is Deuterium- Heavy Water, that has the constituency of glycerin!. The resonant frequency applied to chamber with ratio inharmonics did not affect the heavy water and had collected up in the chamber over time! Wow! See data available from S V P and the summery booklet of Keely's 3 original lab tech references called- The Snell Manuscript. He was a machinist, musician, and inventor of over 100 devices, and had the 5 Million dollar Keely Motor Company. Tesla didn't like Keely since Keely received more investors money than he did. I have about $500 in old documents over an 8 1/2 years study. There were about 500 of us studying Keely in the US. Lots of physics bench tests back then, such as attraction of same pole magnets, generation of 52 inches vacuum in hollow brass sphere in tray of mercury bath with open ended U manometer gauge, pulverization of granite block, self running fluid hydraulic rotating motor with 4 way valve generating 50lbs pressure water hammer, weight reduction demonstration of heavy steel pressure tank and Brass hollow globe, triple sirens on heavy base plate rises up and settles down with ratio of tone frequencies applied, generation of 23000 lbs pressure within 15 seconds of ETHER gas as proven on the lifting of weight on warehouse weigh scales. One US Patent was issued on dual use flywheel. The other rotating motor application was sent back because the investors names were not on it. His passing was noted in national newspapers and magazines but only listed the fake set ups found in upstairs rooms of his 2 floor building. He had researched and worked downstairs with array of tuning forks, logrithmic vibrating rods with series wires of silver, gold, and platinum as a transmitting wire with loops added to get multiplcation of frequencies in ratio. (We now call them thermocouples and thermopiles of differing metals. He wrote about his list of new laws in vibrational physics.