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Oil Furnace Ran On Water In 1950

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  • Oil Furnace Ran On Water In 1950

    Have you heard about the used oil furnace from 1950's that ran on water? Patent was issued to army service men in Texas for only adding the initial water line to T fitting for used oil burner on used jeep engine oil, to get 50% increase in efficiency. That was not what was written in their application for Patent. SS coil tubing in brick insulated firepot of oil burner hooked to input common water line. Oil furnace started. Temperature gauge monitored for temp up to 1500 degrees F. Then valve opened so as superheated ONLY steam is allowed in T fitting with oil to tiny nozzle. Nice burn flame runs constant. Then oil line was quickly shut off. Furnace still runs. Shock wave from 90 lbs pressure to zero AMBIENT in fire-pot forms Hydrogen and Oxygen torch flame that also heats heat ex changer. Normally water molecules separate at about 3000-6000 degrees which is too much energy. The vibration shock wave allows for disassociation at lower temperature. Electric motor with dual shafts ran 2 oil pumps at 90lbs. If input water shut off, and cooled down, then furnace has to be restarted on oil. A much smaller unit in crate was shown to a US senator in Washington building underground parking , as an open trunk display. This was somewhat similar to the propane operated camping stove with circular pores, vertical round fire brick insulated chimney, and interior SS tubing of initial water. When steam introduced to T fitting, the fuel used was shut down leaving burning circular torch flames. It probably used minerals free distilled water so as nozzle would not clog. (US Patent office not allow for over unity for public.- Free Energy is eliminated in issued US Patents. US- 1958, 2,863,499.
    The water furnace did not have water or steam mixed with fuel oil. The heat ex-changer in brick highly insulated fire pot , was brought up to =/> 1500 degrees F. Oil removed when steam valve was opened. This was a new science phenomena when the shock wave broke up the H20 molecule at the unusual lowered temperature. Read paragraph again. The US Patent issued was NOT what was asked for in the complete application manuscript in 1950. Patent said steam mixed with fuel oil.