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    In 1935 a US chemist derived a blueish green catalyst powder that could be added to gallon of water. It would release bubble gases , and produce a burnable alcohol for about 5cents/gallon. Fine powdered coal mixed with nitric and sulfuric acid and silver compound as used in photography, heated , so that material floats out of solution. This is scraped off and dried to powder. Tested as working alcohol when mixed with water, and tested on several cars, tractor, motorcycle and lawnmower. A US movie was made related to this past true incident. - Called Free For All .1949 comedy with Bob Cummings. This great comedy is available as DVD, VHS, and also on You Tube. The original inventor called it Mota Fuel. He got the formula from a German chemist who emigrated to US and stayed at same apartment before 1935. When the German died, the formula was advertised to US large companies for 3Million dollars. No investments were ever done. (The movie actually had 2 previous names as Patent Pending and Hot Water.) Extra data on Internet.