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    Carrnot equated heat to energy, so any heat loss be energy loss. Einstein invented refrigeration by heating a liquid into a high pressure gas which is blocked by a plate with a tiny hole. The plate and tiny hole remain with us today. The purpose of the plate with the tiny hole is to waste the energy of the high pressure gas so that when it gets through the hole it is low pressure cold liquid.

    By retaining the Eistein principal but dropping the plate with tiny hole and in its place putting a turbine the wasted enwergy becomes exploited energy.

    Kelvinator replaced Einstiens boiler with a compressor but kept the plate and tiny hole. Then to make the refrigerant colder he added an vacuum expansion chamber drawn to vacuum by the suction of the compressor.

    What DaS did was put the expansion chamber inside a boiler to reclaim all the heat. The expansion chamber is drawn to vacuum by the shaping of the turbine shaft acting like a boiler return pump.

    The vacuum chamber sitting in the boiler is imersed in cold liquid refrigerant absorbing the heat given off by gas cooling in the expansion chamber.

    The now hot gas goes direct to the turbine that strips the gas of its energy and converts to electricty.

    The best refrigerant known to man is CO2 or R744 (CO2) its energy output starts at -40*C 0 bar pressure available and moves to 10,000 bar force available at +100*C.

    One bar force is the equiviliant of a vertical wall of water ten meters high.

    The capture of this force is best taken by Stainless Steel.

    The system works equaly well with micro or commercial turbine either gas or hydro, this is because CO2 is insane, as a hot gas it acts like liquid, as cold liquid it acts like liiquid and for a small window its acts like gas.

    Establishing wattage output using a comercial turbine the ratio is 1 litre per second at 9 bar pressure delivers 720 watts.

    At 0*C there is more than 9 bar pressure and its quite easy for the fridge physics to return the CO2 to the boiler at well bellow zero so the 9 bars is all energy to the turbine.

    To increase the wattage output one raises the gas temperature or the volume per second.

    Not prooven yet but text book physics. The wattage needed to heat water by x degrees in one second is such that to raise the CO2 temperature from 50*C to 100*C is far lesser than the wattage being produced by the turbine. However this requires the CO2 to be heated by the water, not an impossible task.

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    Hello sesillia,

    Thank you, very kind of you.

    Should you have an interest in the game. A Different far cheaper model can be made, however it not include overunity.

    For this you will need fexible pipe and a turbine. Ground source two meters deep may be used for either the heating or cooling source.

    Its more Einstein then Kelvinator as no vacuum chamber is in use, just lots of cooling circuit. For instance enough to allow ground cooling to reduce the CO2 temperature before popping up above ground and taking in heat, which may come from internal of the House. The other using same pipe circutory is to switch the inlet outlet so the deep ground temperatue heats and the snow above makes cold. The entire system can be made of plastic so long the pressure not to high. To increase the wattage output of low pressure systems. 0ne increases the volume of the turbine. To make a turbine one slices a pipe in four, this leaves turbine vanes, which are odd number affixed to a pipe the same size, and this fits neatly into pipe of twice the size. Drill hole in two end caps so shaft fits through. Though a word of caution, heat slowly as CO2 has nassive force changes for very little heat. Wikipedia has pase chart for CO2.

    Another alternate is replace the restrictor plate in the back of your fridge with a micro turbine, everthing else is done for you. If the fridge is a gas type then its electricty for free and if it has acompressor then its electricty back.