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500hp, 400kw electric off road racing machine

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  • 500hp, 400kw electric off road racing machine

    Hello, i would like to share with you all a project we have been working on. Our family has been racing the 250, 500, and 1000 mile off road races in Baja, Mexico, known as the Baja 1000 series. We are no longer willing to pay over $13.00 a gallon for race gas, and unwilling to harm the environment with all the fumes, petroleums, and other toxins. This is what we came up with. This is the car of the future. If you are interested in learning more, you can google, SRI EV1, or just shoot your questions or comments on here. Enjoy!

    SRI EV1 Electric Baja Racin’ Machine | AlternativeSpeed

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    Pretty amazing what 2 small 9" electric engines can do these days huh?


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      Here is a link with more videos, pictures of everything, and all specs.
      EV1 Electric Race Car ยป


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        Awesome job Gpilot! Check your PM please!