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Some help with high voltage reactor electronics

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  • Some help with high voltage reactor electronics

    I need to power a reactor with these characteristics: 1st anode 30KV - 0.5-2.2mA - 10kHz

    2nd anode 30KV - 0.5-2.2mA - 60kHz What crystals can I use for frequency modulation? This is probably done with tranformers ... but I need some clues on what parts I will need!
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    no help .. thanks a lot.. is this possible with flyback tranformers?
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      Hi Tachyon

      Yes , you could use flyback transformers . Just use an oscillator to switch the output drive transistor ( or mosfet ) at the frequency you require.
      The frequencies that you mention are rather low for direct crystal control , you could either use a clock divider ic or better still an Arduino based control.



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        Ok so if I take an old CRT transformer then I can use a clock divider IC at the 10kHz output and create the frequency 60kHz that I want?

        And another thing for another reactor I want to seperate positive half from a sinusoidal waveform of 5kV 10kHz to send to cathode number 1 and then take the negative half waveform from the same waveform and send it to cathode number 2. How can I do that?
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          Hi Tachyon

          just take two high voltage rectifiers , connect the anode connection of rectifier number one to the cathode of rectifier number two . This will give you :-

          cathode anode joint cathode anode , simply connect the 5kv to the "joint" then take off the positive and negative 5 kv pulsed half wave rectified voltage from the cathode and anode . The other wire from the transformer is the "common" connection