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Properties of Radiant Electricity

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  • Properties of Radiant Electricity

    Hi All,

    With my on going studies on the Radiant Electricity, it became imperative that all the co-researchers in this field be acquainted with the ins and outs of the nature of this animal.
    with all due respect to John, Peter, and Tom whom i admire a lot for there extended efforts in understanding the Physics with experimental proof for its unique properties and useage for the benifit of mankind.
    i feel the need to bring into the forum the Properties of Radiant Electricity, knowing which one can make a definative conclussion of its existance.
    will be collecting more on thsi in my next post.

    'Try desperately to succeed and do not hope for success' Micheal Faraday.
    'Wisdom comes from living out of the knowledge.'

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    Here follows a portion of an interview by Christopher Bird (Secret Life of Plants) with Jerry Gallimore 21 July 1978, disclosing research on radiant energy:

    (They are discussing Gallimore's crystal experiment changing RC time constant of Capacitor discharge by touching the crystal to the dielectric of the capacitor)

    Bird: Maxwell's Displacement is not an energy in Maxwellian terms, is it?

    Gallimore: Yes, it is. It was an energy described as "moving over" to let electricity pass. It did not like electricity but it would move over a distance proportional to the intensity of electricity and come back into place as soon as electricity ceased to flow.

    Bird: So Maxwell's displacement is the energy of which we are speaking?

    Gallimore: Correct. It is a neutral charge and has an involute curve to the magnetic field.
    - - - - -
    - - - - -
    The problem has been NOT in discovering the energy but in plugging it into the Maxwell equations. This is because it is automatically eliminated by the (Heaviside/Lorentz corruptions of) the equations. Maxwell was a brilliant man and he put all the energy field in there but the problem is: we put three inputs in and oly get two inputs out. We get the electromagnetic and the magnetic but never get out the third vector which is the Z vector.

    Bird: Do we need a different mathematics to get it out?

    Gallimore: No, once we understand what's happening in the equations, then we can get three outputs out.

    Bird: Have you done any mathematical work on this? to get the three outputs?

    Gallimore: Definitely.

    Bird: Do you have new equations?

    Gallimore: No, the same equations because these old equations describe it perfiectly. It's just that one must realize what's happening. Then you could either generate it in emmense quantities, or create new motors to run on it. You can draw it out of the air. You can generate it by electrical fields since it is in conjunction with electrical fields. After all, we generate magnetic fields with electrical fields. We can also generate THIS field with electrical fields. OR WITH THESE FIELDS WE CAN GENERATE ELECTRICITY.

    Since you have a free source of energy, (being) the magnetic field of the earth, the intensity of free space, are all free for the taking. Even solid state nonpowered devices with the proper configurations generates a small amount of Maxwell's Displacement energy. So you have free energy. If you want to add a little mechanical power to it, then you can absorb it in large quanitiy fro the surrounding media.