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Tesla Battery for Off-grid power

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  • Tesla Battery for Off-grid power

    Hi all,
    Thank you so much for this forum as I am a novice with limited skills. I recently acquired a Tesla battery module. 24V, 250 Ah, 5.2Kwh and wish to design a backup power or off grid system. I am told that a powerwall configuration would be ideal although other methods are welcome. Still in the planning phase and hope to get this right. To prepare, I would love some insight on the following:

    1. Solar panels for charging the battery. How many and at what capacity is recommended?
    2. Type of charge controller, what cable gauge is best and whether any fuses or breakers are needed at which amp.
    3. Type of Inverter ( with or without a charger)

    My primary goal is to get our existing AC unit off the grid for obvious reasons. I hope to get another battery for full backup power some time later if I can get this working. Please see attachment for AC unit specs. Any feedback would be most appreciated!
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