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silicon based life could exist!! our biologically metallic life

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  • silicon based life could exist!! our biologically metallic life

    Linguamyrmex vladi proves unequivocally that evolution not only has the capability but the inevitable conclusion of incorperating metals and metalloids into the physical living structure and the seemingly bionic life could be entirely feasible, if not entirely plausible. Now, i am not talking robotic entirely, but organisms who may have lived, do live or will live that have incorperated some form of metallic technology into their genetic makeup simply as a natural act of evolution. Like evolving a metal jaw spike (such as the "hell ant") or being able to grow metallic shielding in the exoskeletal regions of possible vital organs. Not only does this prove it, now we know that this can be engineered. Bacterial or yeat or mushroom strains modified to produce chitin and load the chitin with metal or metalloids and then create structures for them to grow within and GROW METALS, of course the creature would have to eat a diet rich in the elemental particles needed to construct the metallic chitin, but metal salts and bound metals in molecules and such would suffice as long as the designated organism could consume it. Such as a Theobacillus Ferrooxidans, which can consume ferrites and other related elements. Etc etc, at first this will be almost worthless to us as a species. However with engineering and patience the possibility of no longer needing to mine raw ore of certain metals is a distinct possibility, simply growing them would render the metals practically invaluable, but valueless in currency.

    I know that dna is a molecular system, and is influenced primarily by molecules and chemicals, some elements. Since it is known that the ribonucleic bases bond to angstrom sized Au nanoparticles, and that a Laser beamed at the particles can move around and alter the coding and structure of the ribonucleic and nucleotide bases, it is reasonable to assume that as humans learn more about the purpose of specific sequences one would be able to device a device even more accurate than CRISP by literally writing base codes. The advantage of this system is the ability to transfer the genetic target sequence into a new dna strand without physically injecting anything other than Au into the new dna strand. Reading and writing, this new dna strand can then be used in CRISP or not, and added to a target organism. Or directly coded into the organisms dna (but that is very complex, maybe best we try it on yeast or bacteria first)

    in theory if a technology existed that would imprint the new sequence into the entire body (all cells) at once, and the treatment lasted for a continuous 7 years (once or twice a month for 7 years) the new genetic code would become permanent after that point

    bacteria and yeast are cheaper to work with and less morally grey than stem cells, also easier to genetically engineer

    The capacity for the human electrical system and brain to operate at higher conductivity is vastly greater than what it is now, so one can only imagine all the possibilities we have in store. This is the basic theory behind the ancient sanskrit "metal eaters" idea comes from and also why many hindu gods were blue

    i am more interested in how the "hell ant" incorperated the metals to create a physical metal spike coming out of its face. If genetistis can figure this out Kombucha that produces large amounts of rare or useful metals, is entirely possible

    i make Kombucha

    What do you think?