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muon catalyzed fusion

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  • muon catalyzed fusion

    I wonder if nested channel hall thrusters (3 or more annuli) could be used to accelerated Sodium22 isotope for muon catalyzed fusion. As when A Na22 isotope decays (half life of 2.6 years) it releases positrons. When these positrons interact with matter they create kaon and pions, the kaons decay into muons in 20ns, thus providing an abundant source of muons for the D-T, D-D fusion process. Small nested hall trusters could be used to accelerate a Xenon or other noble gas and Na22 doped stream, where the muons that form crash into a magnetically confined cloud of deuterium gas floating around a fuel core. As the muons enter, the magnetic field is increased, causing the deuterium or tritium to capture the muons. This could be used as a thruster, or thrust igniter, say for a P-B thruster, or a hybrid Fusion/Antimatter thruster.

    that and/or what positron dynamics is doing and use neutron breeding to produce krypton79 for positron production and use the kyrpton78 as a neutron blanket for the exit nozzle of the thruster-wall of the reactor

    What do you think?