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building "engine" for hyper-luminal space travel + a device for entangled bridges

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  • building "engine" for hyper-luminal space travel + a device for entangled bridges

    These pictures are not ideal, i know, i am working on better copies. These were done quickly to transpose the general idea. Which is an actual means of building a "engine" for hyper-luminal space travel, and a device for the creation of entangled (stabilized) einstein-rosen bridges. If entangled photons where used as the triggering source to the G-beam, and two entangled photons of opposite spins where used in two separate devices, the field effects generated would be entangled together, oppositely charged. Assuming enough energy was input to generate such a phenomena in space.

    Click image for larger version

Name:	my idea - 1.jpg
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    This image is the basic Podkletnov G-beam experimental set-up. Quartz glass is closed, not open.

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    This is a terrible depiction of a "special magnetron". It's a typical microwave magnetron, however the Magnets are replaced by wave guide shaped YBCO composite material rings. These are designed to accelerate the magnetic component of the generated EM wave away from the magnetron itself, at high velocities. Acting sort of as an Electromagnetic repulsion system, designed to the wave being emitted by the physical cavity resonator.

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    This is an advanced Podkletnov G-beam set-up where the YBCO electrode has an aperture for a highly concentrated EM-beam through, acting as the triggering mechanism between the electrode and target. This is very similar to LASER excited Cathode Ray tubes. However the EM radiation here comes from a very special type of Magnetron set-up.

    Click image for larger version

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    This is an outline of the special magnetron setup.
    Number 4 are the special magnetrons whose beams are aligned to focus at one point where they will pass into a refractive index material of sufficient value and shape to aggregate the individual beams into one stream out the opposing side. This material is placed into the center of a bi-layer YBCO ring. (the beams then are focused into the center of the ring, into the material). This ring rotates about at about 5,000 rpm minimum, where the original G-beam device is positioned on the opposite side of the EM focal point. The co-herent beam is then concentrated and beamed through the G-beam device. Acting as a high Poynting Vector pulse-trigger. The pulse is less than 3 microseconds. The rotating YBCO ring is constructed to Podkletnovs and Dr.Lings experimental observations of maintaining the Schwartzchild radius harmonic and making sure the material is floating in freespace while rotating.

    the third image, at the farthest left side of the picture, the sharp point coming out of the quartz glass "cathode ray tube" is where the field effect will originate, creating a ripple in the gravitational constant within the matter in the path of the beam.

    What's happening in the pictures is that the rotating large bi-layer YBCO is setting up a concentrated cooper-pair condensate and strong vortexing meissner exclusion zones. When the quartz tube is triggered within the field of the condensate, and 90° out of phase to the rotational direction, the net force on the cathode side is a repulsion against particles of mass

    Can anyone reading this help me by creating digital schematics and/or 3d images?