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Hydrogen storage alloy

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  • Hydrogen storage alloy

    ARRRGGHHHH, the wholesale company i am in contact with will only sell a minimum of 20 kg of metal alloy XD i only need 1kg for the tests... I have no other choice, but to buy the alloy. This is n unfortunate set-back. The experimental set-up only has 150 grams in it, which i already have, but i'll need another 1kg for the later device. At least 3kg for making 2 hydrogen storage canisters, but 20kg?? woooo that's 19 bottles of hydrogen storage alloy XD at 400SL per canister, haha that's a lot of storage.

    I am thinking i'll just sell the other remaining canisters of alloy i receive, since i'd be getting them at wholesale prices. If anyone is interested in a Hydrogen storage alloy LMK!! They'll be on sale, cheaper the more you buy!