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The Tesla Magnifying Transmitter

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  • The Tesla Magnifying Transmitter

    I truly think that Nikola Tesla was one of the first people to consider storing information in Magnetic fields. The Tesla Magnifying Transmitter seems like a device that was imprinting data into the Earths magnetic field, since this field is a constant, any data imprinted into the Magnetic field of the Earth would always been sustained, the Towers were simply the read/write "arm" of the system. Imprinting or receiving the data. I believe that the resonating electromagnetic wave propagated from the towers was simply to set the coils into harmonic oscillation with the data storage mechanism (the earth) by grounding into the planet, and imprinting into the information along the Earths cavity resonance, the magnitization and de-magnitization of the towers transmitted the information.

    What do you think?