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A mass with a gap in middle so potential energy can be create

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  • A mass with a gap in middle so potential energy can be create

    The mass is same all over and the inner mass where the middle is and you put electricity all over the gap of space, so the gap of space for electricity is very close or far, so very close, and the gap side of mass is wide or narrow, so it can be any mass, as long as the mass itself is a circle with a gap. So, that inner and outer circle is an edge that is inner and outer, so it is all polar mass, so like a batter has positive and negative, same as magnet has positive and negative, but the edge is different one is outward and one is inward in connect where energy enter or leave. So, can create electricity from inside the gap of mass, so the electricity is turn on and will the gap of mass increase in output so the potential energy is high so can use magnet to push or pull. So, there is a connect in high polar energy to high potential energy. So, potential energy is where the space is and high current energy that follow the resist of mass is where mass energy is. So, the current increase on the resistance mass, so the inner gap will increase as well so it can be feel by magnet that pull in or not. That would be a simple way to teach free energy, not just magnet, but any mass that is strong enough to resist the electricity without mass's resistance break apart.

    So, it is upgrade of where you see electricity that hit the chin link fence and electricity follow the resistance of chain so there is a gap, so the gap is potential energy that is small or big. Volt do follow the resist that is high or low, but prefer low resist so the low resist will be felt, right. So, there is connect of three. High polar energy, high current energy, high potential energy, so it is a parallel gain.

    It is an idea so you can create a product and put in video or so. It will be easy way to teach if it doesn't work, then why that?? So, potential energy do not depend by polar energy where high negative is separate from high positive, like a battery that has a wire, at bottom is negative and on top that is positive, so the negative is a volt that go out thru the wire to hit the positive that is above to inward, so in close to that inward or on top of inward is a light so the impact from the negative hit the positive causing light bulb to light up. So, is volt connect to aether that is potential energy like a magnet. Magnet is depend by polar energy that is same, not non-polar energy where it cancels out so it reduces as cause impact which negative and positive cancel out to cause current, so that current reduce potential energy.

    So, if you spin very fast, the potential energy increase and create a pressure field that pushes away, so by spin, the current increase by the mass, so outward from the current mass, the potential energy increase. So, higher current cause higher potential energy to increase as well. Even current do cancel out potential energy, it is depend by cross over, but not parallel side. Potential energy is cold and current is hot, it can either cross over or align each other.

    Can use any mass, and any mass size, and any gap size of electricity that input to inner hole, and any gap side that is empty. So, mass can cause high potential energy to be push or pull by magnet that is not magnet mass, but other mass. So, it would proof there is connect between resistance and current and potential energy. So, what would be an upgrade to formula that connect to Aether. I = V / R, so Aether is depend by AC, as it alters by time, by changing or something, so it is frequently. It can be connect to DC? So, I = V/R per frequently, per time, it is extend to OHM's law.

    Another thing that Potential Energy depend by resonate like glass and voice, so if the voice is same for long time, the glass breaks, since the ratio of person and glass is same, so the feedback continues. So, the inner circle is a gap ratio of center, the center of center, so the radius to the edge, so that resistance of a inner center remain the same and it repeats all over the inner center, so there is no loss, so there is potential energy. So, potential energy cause by resist that remain the same, not high, moving or anything. But one mobile resistance as volt is same and constant per time, so potential energy is high.
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