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how to create a decentralized micro-grid

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  • how to create a decentralized micro-grid

    A decentralized micro-grid not only would almost eliminate brown-out's and black-out's but make electricity generation cheaper (over time, and with initial infrastructure costs) but also significantly decrease the demand placed on the entirety of the grid system, small micro-plants send energy only within a radius, thus the energy required to maintain the condition of the transmission system is dramatically less therefor less dangerous, less expensive, possibility of much greater sustainability as new and novel power sources can be used (as massive energy densities are not required). This also decreases fossil fuel consumption, improves air,water,soil quality. A de-centralized micro-grid is the future. Not only for electricity but water maintenance, purification, and distribution. Micro-grid bacterial based water treatment centers located between every x amount of houses in a community would be able to clean waste water, generate electricity, grow food, and redistribute the water with NO energy pulled from the communities microgrid!! The plants and bacteria filter the water and decompose the waste creating electrons the waste water is then sent into tanks containing bacteria that further break down the leftover waste and industrial by-products, while also producing electrons. The energy to power pumps, micron filters and centrifuge separators would come from the bacterial process, on-sight micro-grid, and by sending the particulate waste (once dried) into a plasma pyrolysis chamber and off into a SOFC stack system. The waste gasses are then passed through massive green houses who's root systems are home to electron producing bacteria. Thus the plant is sustainable, CO2 Neutral, and requires little (ideally none) energy from the local micro-grid.