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  • Energy Project.

    I found this on the web, and I wanted to help by sharing it.

    The project consists of the construction of machines that can work with free energy, an example is the photovoltaic solar panels.

    Your knowledge or your experience will be enough to participate; I have seen that this project is taken wrong, believing that it is a "scam". If it were, they would ask for money, something valuable,but it's not like that. They only ask for your knowledge in order to carry out this project.

    It is fully funded, and has all the necessary tools. Who is behind all this is Fernando Martínez Gómez Tejedor, and his company F. Society Mr. Robot SL. They look for professionals from the area of electricity, mechanics or electromagnetism.

    If you are interested, send an email to:

    It's important to note that this project is non-profit; that is, anyone who wants to participate must do it for pleasure or personal improvement.

    More Information:
    In Spanish: Tesla Project
    in Spanish: Patentes en español