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Replacing a supply battery with an RC circuit

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  • Replacing a supply battery with an RC circuit

    Hi all,

    I am building a 'BackEMF Generator' that employs a rotor containing magnets spinning past a series of drive/generator coils. The back EMF generated is the basis of various 'free energy' devices and I wanted to make an improvement to one that has been built and already shown to work.

    The attached circuit shows the design and it uses one supply battery in the 'Feed Circuit' that is kept fully charged while output power is also being made available.

    My query is this: I would like to replace the one remaining battery with a suitable capacitor circuit on the basis that the presence of any batteries will not help those observing this 'proof of principle' device that it is not the battery alone that is providing all the power for the circuit. Demonstrating input/output energy from a battery is hard to do well so I plan to dispense with the battery altogether and have a capacitor system that will store the energy generated when the rotor is manually spun and then continue as if it was a battery (which in effect is a very large capacitor).

    I don't think that it is just a case of substituting the battery for a huge capacitor as some smoothing may be required on both the input and output to it butI am hoping that there is someone who can guide me on the design of a suitable circuit.

    Looking forward to any thoughts,


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