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aeroelastic flutter and AC generation

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  • aeroelastic flutter and AC generation

    Admittedly I am totally without any electrical expertise, I was wondering if something like the following has been tried or done by someone else?

    As I understand it, the Bedini SG generates a pulse of energy which is used to (re-)charge a charge battery but it needs a run battery to provide power to the main coil in part of its cycle. The revolving disk with the magnets generates AC voltage.

    I was looking at this instructable here and thinking why shouldn't anything which generates AC voltage be used for this same function. A Windbelt is an oscillatory wind generator working on the principal of aeroelastic flutter.

    Leaves of a tree flutter with very very little wind which might provide the basis for a 'tree leaf windmill'. So, a tree-like structure along with miniature 'leaves' would also generate AC voltage and probably a pulse as well. The pulse from one 'leaf' could be used by another 'leaf' to energise the coil and produce a pulse of its own perhaps? The sum total of all these pulses could be used as the charging pulse to a battery or whatever. The coils to these 'leaves' could be made very small maybe using surface mounted components and the drive mechanisms (what was used in the Instructable) are really, really small these days.

    I remember a while ago a similar technology being used on human footfalls as well as 'leaves' in this way but NOT using the pulse, but using the standard generated voltage (as per 'normal' science). Is there anything in this idea of 'tree leaves' and perhaps if it has been already done is there any mileage in it?

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    Pretty sure you gotta build it to spec, meaning DC supply.

    The revolving disc with magnets do provide an AC current, but we are only using one half of the wave to bias the transistor to switch it.

    I think you need to study the circuit a bit more.

    John K.