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Viktor Grebennikov and his discoveries (Cavity Structural Effects, etc)

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  • Viktor Grebennikov and his discoveries (Cavity Structural Effects, etc)

    I have done a search for information on here about this guy and come up with nothing for 'grebennikov' or 'viktor' so I guess there is not much about him here yet.

    I feel that we are all looking too hard and getting hung-up with the details of searching for free energy. I am sure the US government has spent millions on new materials and new technology when maybe the answer has been under our noses for ages. I feel that Nature will probable give us the key to not only free energy but flight as well if we are more observant. This guy is just such a person who might have found the answer. I believe the ancients knew all about this stuff and the person who built the Coral Castle in Florida probably rediscovered something which enabled him to move huge rocks at night without heavy lifting pulleys or machinery.

    I got inspired to find out more by reading this article on Keelynet. I found that Viktor Grebennikov was a biologist particularly interested in insects. He found that the hexagonal shape of honeycomb has special healing and dimensional properties, not only that - but the hexagonal shape was found on the undersides of wings of insects which were in theory, too large to fly given their wing area and speed of wingbeat. This maybe suggests there is something going on which is more than just currently known physics. Viktor developed a 'flying machine' which made no noise and had no 'engine'. This is documented fact. This flying machine was almost invisible from the ground. He describes his experiences using it in his book.

    I have only just started to get involved in this so I was wondering if anyone else is further along in their research and can add some thoughts to this thread.

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    Link 4 Anti-gravity platform pdf

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    Honeybee honeycomb start off as round, then change to hexagonal

    Quote from Chapter 5 of Grebennikov's book
    Haymaking with "miracles".
    In my youth, I was shown the following: a fragment of a cut stem, the length of a short pencil, was placed on the blade of a scythe, next to its blunt edge; another stem fragment of the same length, placed on the blade in the same manner but at some distance, was pushed by the hand to the first one.

    At about 8cm, the first stem got moving, "ran away" from the second stem along the rim. Th experiment wasn't always successful; it usually occurred right after the cutting a large amount of grass from the same spot; I forgot some elements or conditions of the experiment.

    I think the following factors were at work here: an abrupt change of the total CSE field on the "deformed" meadow (let us remember the windfall case), the grid of the reaper's fingers, the multi-cavernous properties of the stem itself, and perhaps its position against the morning sun. Static electricity is excluded as everything at that hour is wet.

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