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Offer To Purchase 'Free Energy' Device-Technology

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  • Offer To Purchase 'Free Energy' Device-Technology

    In case you all haven't heard, Dr. Steven Greer is offering to purchase a 'Free Energy' device-technology, then 'open source' it to the world.

    Details here:

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    I have to be cynical about this because he has been saying he is developing free energy devices for years. We do not see any coming out of his organisation, do we? Even before CSETI he was promising to develop free energy with the information he had available to him from the disclosure project whistleblowers.

    This free energy thing is far too important to mankind for anyone to keep it secret and to want to patent their invention. There will be loads of opportunity to develop and market products made as a result of the free energy devices and those can be patented and developed by the inventor as well as other people perhaps.

    Until we do this, the secrecy crowd will always win the battle. They rely on both strong-arm tactics and our greed. We need to get the information out there for all.


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      Duh, there's more FE devices-technologies already out there than you can poke a lightning rod at. Most of them are already open sourced as well. A lot of them on this forum...

      Just gotta build them...