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Lightning and chain reactions

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  • Lightning and chain reactions

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    Originally posted by Faraday88
    How old are you andy????
    lol.. no doubt he is genius


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      Bearden has already worked out with Physics and all calculations tha nature and propogation characteristics of Radiant.

      and how to tap it


      experimental Kits, chargers and solar trackers


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        Faraday, Dwane,

        Please keep your comments to the thread subject, and refrain from personal attacks, or this thread will be locked.

        Tom C

        experimental Kits, chargers and solar trackers


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          a bank of super capacitors or a Hydronium electrolyte based flooded lead battery do a great Job of capturing radiant.

          The common understanding base don Beardens and Bedini's work is that dipoles flow out of the quantum state and into the Druid gas surrounding the wire. A coil is a pump that expands and contracts and places a "tap" into the "RadiantRiver" lightning produces the same effect on a grand scale.

          Tom C

          experimental Kits, chargers and solar trackers


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            Hi Andy,

            Merry Christmas

            Originally posted by Handy andy
            Seasons Greetings


            3150 views and only 4 people have commented. Has no one got opinions out there.
            I can't opine on something I barely understand. I'm three quarters of a century old and have only a rudimentary grasp of classical physics and "electron theory" that I was taught in school over 50 years ago!

            The aether, "radiant" electricity, "cold" electricity, "hot electricity", positrons, virtual positrons, anti-matter, zero point energy, fermions, bosons, lindas, quantum matter, wave particles, up quarks, down quarks, etc. are not concepts I'm familiar enough with to comment on intelligently. I became interested in checking out the claims of John Bedini concerning the aether, radiant energy, and cold electricity about five years ago so began experimenting with an open mind to see what I could replicate and learn from. I'm one of Dwane's 20 percenters!

            I've enjoyed some success with building things that work and am still learning from them and trying to pass it on to my grandkids.

            2) 20% are builders, who will try to understand any of these phenomena and replicate or experiment with proposed designs or theories;


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                Originally posted by Handy andy
                @ Sam Interesting response, I disagree with your answer to a limited extent, I can see your reasoning. You prompted me to look at my gravitational ideas which are a throwback to some confusion I had over a dipole theory I was playing with, and never corrected. I will address them more fully in my next pdf version 9.0a.

                I have now fully switched I think to the concept of the aether making up all things particles and forces including gravity and magnetism and electric fields. My description of gravity in the existing pdf is too complicated and not 100% correct, as is your theory I think. My concept of gravity is that electrical fields around every atom disturb or agitate the aether, this would work the same with magnetic fields around individual atoms both concepts would have the effect of disturbing and stretching space. The Density of space is reduced near mass and increases in all directions as you move away from it, due to the movement of various particles, in relation to each other. It is an accumulative disturbance of space from the motion of all fields and particles.

                I would ask you how your theory stands up when the earths magnetic field reverses which happens every 1000 000 years or so and takes approximately 100 years to rectify itself leaving the earth with a reduced or none existent magnetic field for a few years. Also how does jupiter orbit the sun without a magnetic field. How does your theory explain how the sun always rises in the east and sets in the west, ie the earths spin. How does your theory explain the 6 or so galaxies near the edge of the visible solar system rotating in the opposite direction to every other galaxy in the known universe.

                I will post another pdf in the near future, with my revised ideas.

                I want to read more on the website, it has some amazing information FOC on just about every COP > 1 ever manufactured. Chapter 5 posted above is of particular interest to me, and possibly also to you. It gives many clues as to the nature of the radiant energy and the aether, via all the different mechanisms used and observations made by various people. It also gives Teslas views on how the electric field travels faster than the magnetic field, so polarizing the medium it passes through. This can happen faster than light speed which could be explained by quantum entanglement of air molecules the aether quantum matter etc.

                I also have this link from Tom_C ref Moray which I need to study also. @ dwain this goes over some of morays stuff, in a lot more detail than the post i deleted
                It seems Moray did have a diode of sorts, and may only have been accepting the earths charge into his accumalator of one polarity. Muito interestante.

                @Dwane and everyone else, more of what I deleted due to lack of comments. I acquired "The Free energy Mega Book" from amazon for 2.5 Euros I think. It covers every reference given to me by everyone on this forum and others, there are approximately 15 books and papers all combined, in one book.

                A Plasma discharge separates electrons from atoms and then destroys protons in the continuing avalanche producing positrons and neutrons. These charges can also account for the ionization of the air around a lightning strike. A pulsed voltage traveling down a conductor may work in the same way as lightning, the electric field strength local to the high voltage pulse traveling along a wire, could be of similar potential to a lightning strike causing a plasma to be created in the air from the molecules around the electric pulse, without the sparks. These Ions need collecting before they recombine or disintegrate. They could be separated electrostatically, by a seperate adjacent polarized wire. Or the magnetic field traveling along the wire may separate +ve and -ve charges, these could be collected by guiding them onto surfaces adjacent to the conductor. Or by having an antennae connected to a transformer then to a capacitor which is connected to ground via a diode etc. There is a bunch of ways ions in the air could be seperated once created. The antennae can be viewed as a parallel resonant circuit with the capacitance to ground and the surrounding air making up the antennae. a larger diameter antennae will give a larger capacitance etc I am very rusty on transmission line theory and radio transmission theory.

                Hey Andy,

                The magnetic field of the Earth causes action both upon the waves (from the sun) and also upon the Earths body, this leads to two areas with the Earth, (the body and atmosphere) which have been acted upon in such a way as to result in gravity (of the Earth). The Earth's magnetic field changing direction may cause variation in the Earth's gravitational field. The specific action of the suns magnetic field to create and act upon its propagated waves is to enable the waves (from the sun) to maintain the orbit of the planets. Weather a planet has a gravitational field or not is to effect the gravity of that specific planet but does not effect weather that planet can orbit the sun. The gravity of the waves (from the sun) is consistent at a fixed distance (from the sun) thus this gravity acts on the planets to maintain their orbit while the rotation is not effected (by gravity of the waves from the sun).

                If galaxies are to rotate in opposing directions then there function (as stars orbiting the center) will be possible (in both direction). The gravity (of the waves) from the sun can effect the speed a planet moves (in orbit) as its distance (from the sun) changes.


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                  Love to read all this. I'm new here and this is all super interesting for me.
                  Guess I'm just to stupid yet to contribute haha. Just ignore me
                  Love crazy good food? -->


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                    Hi Handy Andy,

                    I learned a lot from this thread. I never really gave thunder clouds much thought before, but you've explained it pretty well. I'm sure this would have been much more difficult if I were to hear this from other people. I learned that as soon as moist warm volume start rising, the reduced temperature and altitude reduces the chemical reaction, which will result to the formation of ionized ice crystals in the base of the clouds. Moist air passes through the ionized ice crystals making it more moist, and as the lighter ions H+ rises, the ionization inside the cloud accelerates. The electrical breakdown causes a hydrogen explosion to create more heat.




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                      Por favor si entienden mis palabras no hagan mas comentarios que no aporten nada de beneficio a este tema. GRACIAS y PAZ