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A french magnetic motor from the great inventor, Monseigneur Justin Christofleau

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  • A french magnetic motor from the great inventor, Monseigneur Justin Christofleau

    Hi there !

    I have attached the patent from Justin Christofleau, an eminent name of a french inventor who created many devices in the beginning of the 20th century, and sell thousands of electroculture machines back in time then.
    He was producing giant vegetables ( 4 meters wide cabbage ! ), with his electro-magnetic earthy - celestial device.
    But, it appears to me that, aside, where I first spotted this one, a few knew he had created a magnetic self-running motor.
    What I would like to do his to replicate this motor.
    I am attaching an english version of his patent - beit known that the french patent is way, ways more detailed.

    The chances that this motor is a scam is utterly weak...this inventor was also the father of the dough (bread-making machine) now used in every bakery ! (please check this for yourself !).
    To me , the chance that is motor is hard to replicate is indeed to consider. However, when thoroughly studying the plans and description, it appears that there is no millimeter set and no "minute magnet grinding" and nothing highly complicated.
    I'll let you guys check it out for yourselves...
    When if I'm able to set something up that works, I'll post it here.
    I would like to throw a little version of it, to start.
    I sincerely hope it is as easy as it seems.

    Yours sincerely

    BenFR372883A moteur magnetique.pdfH02K53_1907_FR272883 moteur magnetique.pdf

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    Have you succeeded yet? What is your progress? I too am looking at creating one of these.