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Questions for John Bedini about old days with Floyd Sweet

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  • Questions for John Bedini about old days with Floyd Sweet

    Hi there,

    I just tried to send PM for John but it says "John_Bedini has exceeded their stored private messages quota and cannot accept further messages until they clear some space.". So decided to post it here.

    I have some questions and you might remember answers from old days when you was working together with Floyd Sweet and Tom Bearden.

    I am just thinking about another implementation of magnet as power source similar to Floyd Sweet VTA ( The Tom Bearden Website ) and would like to know if you could give any leads into making unstable magnetic field on magnet and frequency imprinting into it as described and showed by Tom Bearden in Bearden's take on the Floyd Sweet device - YouTube
    With proper aligment on 90 degrees from magnet and managing coil that would make much more less power required to make bloch wall in junction where the secondary output coil is directly facing magnet.

    This is where almost no information is available on Internet and I wonder if you could help me out..

    P.S> more interesting things about that stuff is in;20Sweet.pdf

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    i have found in the oldest rail magnets that is getting changed over to new are the barium ferrite, no voltage across the faces they are as big as an adult hand and i have too, i used 2x2inch neo's to punch a opposite pole in the middle of the magnets so with magnet viewing paper u can see the pole is around the edge and a pole is a rectangle in the middle, only just got them so id be excited if i knew more about the floyd sweet device so i can finish it off and enclose it in a faraday cage to stop earthquakes from stopping it, would be cool, if i knew what to do with these barium ferrite magnets now i have them