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    Originally posted by Branch Gordon View Post
    So I did some digging around tonight on the Internet...on ways to improve the amount of usable light from a vegetable oil lamp. Turns out these were used quite heavily in the 1800's...based on a design by Aime' Argand in 1780.

    Argand lamp - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    I can't find ANY detailed info on how to build one however. It's absurd! This photo is the best I have found: Stage Lighting Museum - History - 18 century: innovations in stage lighting

    There was a patent filed...but I don't know how to access patents from that far back.

    An Ebay search brings up a lot of antiques...but it looks like they have all been converted to electric: argand lamp | eBay

    I found a guy on Youtube who hasAgoc Travel replicated the lamp...but he's the only person I can find:

    That's real usable light...and sustainable!

    Has anyone else heard/read about Argand style lamps?
    Its good that you are doing this reserch and working on ways to improve the amount of usable light from a vegetable oil lamp. My friend is also doing these reserches and he might haveheard/read about Argand style lamps. First of all I will ask him and then I will contact you.
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      Originally posted by PaulWebb View Post
      That's really a great initiative from South America for rural areas. It's a great idea to give free lights from plants.
      Yes really it is a very great idea.