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Grounding Yourself Over Time - Earthing For Health?

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  • Grounding Yourself Over Time - Earthing For Health?

    Who do you know who has had the so called "BENEFITS" from using a wrist grounding strap, bare feet touching sheet metal / copper screen, or shoe metal strap inside and out, that relates to the outdoors grounding? There should be a wire connecting the driven copper pipe near house for the opposite electrode!,- not ground hole on wall socket that's contaminated with low volts and frequencies. (Earthing book and Clint Ober YouTube videos) My constant 3.5V AC on meter goes to zero with grounding. People way back in time went barefoot. Then leather shoes were on market, which were partially conductive. Then came composite plastic soles, which insulate humans from our natural earth. Lots of growing different types of illness and arthritis pains. Has anyone already done their testing over a time period?