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Now Prostate Cancer At 72 And Home Treatment.

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  • Now Prostate Cancer At 72 And Home Treatment.

    PSA number 4 went to 9.6 in 8 months. MRI scan shows cancer 1.2cm. I'm changing diet and integrating cancer home treatment that was known since 1996. Pollutant Nickel taken in goes straight to hair loss and the prostate. All kitchen stainless pots removed and stainless utensils, since SS is composed of alloy with nickel. A knife stuck in salad dressing and then in mouth will show nickel taste in 1/2 second. Don't you remember grandma in the kitchen polishing her SILVER type SILVERWARE? Sandwich spread is made and eaten of Cilantro + olive oil, which is proven to draw out metals from body. The Dr Hulda Clark type mild electrotherapy Zapper kills microorganisms in body to an extent. (about 5-6 volts on+off DC frequency with copper pipe handles through the acupuncture points on hands.)The 3 Dr. Clark herbs also taken by instructions kills the remaining ones in the gut and organs. Contaminated food over time leaves parasites in body. Cancer is 3 things in body same time. - Polluted tissues, microorganisms, and cancer virus. The chemical that is secreted by these parasites just happens to be the growth substance the virus needs to wind up and go. This Orthophosfotyrisine is NOT supposed to be in body- even at minute blood test levels.These microorganisms only have metabolism and thrive WHEN in polluted tissues from propal alcohol absorption. It's in many things we use. Don't give them what they want. Deprive them of their preferred living environment. Also taking Moringa capsules to help reduce PSA number. The cancer will wind itself down to full stop. Read her books- the cure for all cancers, the cure for all diseases. Zappers from Ebay. Purchase orders for Dr. Hulda Clark Store, Inc.

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    Thanks, I gotta get some actual silver-ware. Not medical advice but Dr. William Campbell Douglass published an article saying I believe depending on the seriousness a good deal of the time you may be fine with just leaving the cancer there and not messing with it with surgery etc. that doctors don't want to do that they wanna get in there and this can make it worse thought was interesting take.

    There's also the off the shelf cancer remedy "Flor Essence" that they can't say is for cancer but the book The Essiac Report by Richard Thomas says as much as well as JFK's personal doctor Brusch. Then there's the Gerson therapy good book by Charlotte Gerson on that, lots of juicing, sodium restriction potassium supplementation, heard that simply fresh made carrot juice helps a lot. Then there's Dr. Sklenar and his Kombucha and probiotic treatment you can make kombucha for cheap just black tea and sugar and it's easy sugar not good to take for cancer but it gets converted in the process. Maria Treben's Health Through God's Pharmacy says lots of calendula tea for cancer and small flowered willow herb tea is supposed to work for prostate problems. People posting about making colloidal silver on this site I bet that would help. There's so much that is ignored/denied Dr. Tulio Simoncini gah there's so much.
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