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    Hi! I'm 25 and I've had bad anxiety (different forms gad health anxiety etc) for years. Although meditation and therapy have shown to not make a difference, my doctor said a year or two ago I was too young for medication. In light of recent events i feel like I need to ask for anxiety treatment as living everyday life has become extremely hard (bad sleep, chest pain, waking up panicked etc). Doesn't anyone have advice on how to ask/ bring up the topic of anxiety medication to my doctor?
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    Not medical advice but for help with symptoms you could try the Bach Flower Essences Rescue Remedy. Magnesium supplementation might be something to look into as well I think a general dose is 300mg supposed to help calmness and sleep and lots of things. Multivitamins can help in general conditions according to Dr. William Campbell Douglass "food based" is best I've heard or more natural like Alive not centrum etc. Niacin vitamin B3 is supposed to help mental health issues book by Dr. Abram Hoffer lays that out. Not that it's a mental health issue necessarily that's what they might say about anxiety but it might have a physical cause I venture to say. For vitamins info try or orthomolecular doctors.

    A good general thing might be higher doses of Vitamin C. Dr. Thomas Levy recommends 2,000 mg 3 or 4x per day as a good basic high dose. It's an anti-stress vitamin, helps immunity, mood, infections, on and on and on. Only side effect is loose stools, yo could try lower doses too see if it helps something.

    Herbs can be cheap if you can find them in bulk like at a health foods store, lemon balm, hops, chamomile supposed to help nerves I like Maria Treben's Health Through God's Pharmacy book for advice on herbs. I think she'd say St. John's Wort tea and usually recommends several cups a day. Bacopa herb and ashwagandha also supposed to be good for anxiety.

    Do you have any idea what's causing it? I've had problems with anxiety since covid never really any other time in my whole life so for me I wonder if it has something to do with whatever is going on with that, spike protein or viral persistence or something supposedly it can hang around even if not acutely sick. Dr. Bruce Patterson said awhile back persistent virus seemed to be the issue with "long covid" people feeling not well after covid. I've heard so many times since covid anxiety and depression problems with people myself included. Been looking into colloidal silver myself can make it for cheap might help something seems to generally help lots of people-- I like this site:

    Dr. Peter McCullough has three supplements for "spike detox" from the covid shot or covid if you think that is it it's called "Base Spike Detox" Curcumin, nattokinase bromelain supposed to have clinical success after several months.

    If it's heart related hawthorne, kelp, cayenne, vitamin C,E lots of stuff could help.

    I like juicing if you can find a juicer and drink organic celery or carrot juice is pretty cheap it generally helps health. "Earthing" going barefoot or getting an earthing pad can help with sleep and health you could look up Clint Ober for that I guess Another free thing you could do is get some sun with skin exposed for say 20 30 minutes in middle of the day get the D3 up. You could also try taking more D3 not 400iu but something like 2000 5000 iu to get blood levels up a bit, best to take with cofactors K2 and magnesium but supposedly pretty safe alone just my opinion on what I have seen.

    More minerals is good some supplements for minerals is the 2 tsp Apple cider vinegar and 2 tsp honey raw unfiltered is best in 8 oz water combo or 2 tsp blackstrap molasses in warm water, kelp powder has lots of minerals as well they're good general things to take a few times a day IMO.

    Not politically correct but you could try smoking tobacco maybe American Spirit Organic in a pipe is pretty cheap if you don't smoke all the time or slow down if you are smoking too much. Tobacco is supposedly good for anxiety relief of symptoms and has other health benefits. Cigarettes have additives paper etc. might not be as good as just pure tobacco.
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