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question about school girl "motor"

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  • question about school girl "motor"

    I've just purchased the Bedini beginner's manual and I have a question about the science fair project energizer. Was it powering a 9-volt battery and nothing else?
    I would like to use something similar to power a home robot and wondering how to hook it up to the robot. In one spot I saw one of these circuits running two batteries. Could one be on charge
    and the other providing power to the robot?

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    Hi John,

    The science fair project model or Simple School Girl (SSG) was powered by the 9V battery. The load was a coil of very thin wire which powered an LED. The cool part was that the circuit ran for alot longer than it should have. This was because of the radiant energy the circuit was able to tap into and feed into the battery.

    Assuming your robot will not draw much current I would think you could simpley replace the LED with the power terminals of your robot and see what happens!

    As far as the dual battery model, I would leave that until you've got the SSG running.