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Proposed Original Ford Model T Chassis + Free Energy Magnet Motor Negotiations

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  • Proposed Original Ford Model T Chassis + Free Energy Magnet Motor Negotiations

    The old documents from the late 1800's contain data surrounding the John W. Keely controversy regarding his supposed contract negotiations with Ford Company for him to supply free energy magnet motors for propulsion of the new motor cars. At that time it was also suggested to use the newly designed petrol engines. The oil companies wanted Ford to use cheap gasoline because of it's continued source of revenue. The Keely contract was dropped in favor of gasoline engines manufacturing. Mr. Keely was a musician with an ear for frequencies and also an Inventor with over 100 gadgets and systems. His Philadelphia machine shop had 2 floors of displays. Photocopies of many documents and his built machines from long ago are still available. I SAW the list of proposed serial numbers and old photography photo of bell chassis housing with stamped serial number among the Keely documents. Keely had a US Patent on dual use metal flywheel and a Patent application on self running hydraulic motor using inherent water hammer pressure at 50lbs. The papers were returned because the investors names were not on it. He showed water dissociation to hydrogen and oxygen bubbles very easily with inharmonic tuning fork vibrations. He was dealing with special series wires of silver, gold and platinum. These frequency transmitting wires are nowadays called thermocouples and thermopiles. There were added loops of wire for nodes , that multiplied the frequencies way higher. Another demonstration showed instant 52 inches vacuum generated without suction, chemical ablation, pumps. etc. That was using an open pan of mercury bath.with U tubing open end sensor and no gauge with spring. Resonance frequencies with harmonic ratios were applied to brass hollow sphere. Sign affidavits were made for later gravity control demonstration witnessed by technicians, investors, newspaper men, engineers. 2 ton pressure tank raised upward and put on heavy tripod. One invention was sold to western buyer for the wall pulverizer , as used to vibrate/crack walls of gold mine instead of blasting. High pressure""ETHER" gas was shown demonstrated within 15 seconds for upwards of 23,000lbs pressure on steam gauge. Engineers did not believe the spring gauges as they may have been tampered with, so Keely hooked the thick walled brass tubing to vertical air cylinder that pushed up the horizontal lever arm on the warehouse weigh scales,with heavy weight on end. The lever had negative leverage of 14 to one so as over 23,000 lbs was shown as actual lifted weight. Keely thought he was smarter than everyone else and had built up an extra room full of fake - devices that no one could figure out during their original showings. After Keely passed away, the newspapers printed up only the fake systems. See Inter library loan photocopies of Jan 29, 1899, New York Journal And Advertiser Keely- The Monumental fraud Of The Century. pages 17, 18, 19. This was also seen on general internet for free reading. There are a lot of references on The 5 million dollar Keely Motor Company, such as - Keely And His Discoveries, Universal Laws Never Before Revealed, Keely's Secrets, and SVP - source of many data documents. Keely wrote up 3 books on his 1800's shop work , 3 titles of 200 copies made by Lippincotts publisher. None can be found. A set from Detroit library was hand copied in 1935 and made into a summary called "The Snell Manuscript." That one is available from SVP- Paper or download.
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