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Gravity Control from 1800's Onward

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  • Gravity Control from 1800's Onward

    The musician and metal machinist John W. Keely did many experiments 1865-1899 In Phil. Pa., with about 114 devices / systems. The weight in jars Keely demonstrations of narrow platinum tube were fake as completely described in detail when examination of lab after he died. He had actually made demonstrations of two types- the real and fakes at different times, of the same type of forces in nature using what we call themopiles of differing metal wires to carry the ratios of frequency vibrations. The dissonance of superimposed vibrations upsets the ETHER and allows control of forces. Using math on paper he could figure the extremely high upper frequencies formed , that we can not hear. Keely got the Earth frequency from Tesla , but Keely was the first to acknowledge the ratios of 3, 6 +9.- Not Tesla! My late 1856 book called Natural Philosophy is what we now call standard physics. He would have had this and made bench set ups of various chapters. Being smug, He knew his peers were not as smart as him and could not distinguish fake from reality. The real research was done on first floor. He was harassed for information by investors and news people. To keep them abated so he could do true research, he built sample fake designs for temporary showing and mounting them in all of the upstairs of workshop, so they would leave him alone at his toils.The appointment date for a real test, was the heavy 2 ton sphere pressure tank lifting , and was witnessed by several parties, and had signed affidavits of being present during that demonstration. It was raised and put on steel tripod. His tuning fork array was hooked to series connected silver, platinum and gold wire to the mass. He would tap a mass to get it's current frequency as lowest harmonic, as starting point. The math harmonic ratios he developed allowed him control of forces of nature. You must study the references including The Snell Manuscript , Keely's discoveries, and modern adjustable signal oscillators with ac amplifier, frequency counter , etc. This will suffice for your interest in anti gravity. It may be more easily developed than designs to try from ancient times. His other heavy steel platform with 3 spinning sirens and compressed air would raise up in air- with ratios applied and slowly settle back down from resonance and harmonic vibrations.

    This gravity control was duplicated by French researcher that raised up a metal frame blimp unsealed. It had sandwiched plates at either end of differing metals so as like thermopile masses. When on board oscillator was activated the frame structure lifted way up. He flew it around to the next french town and back again. Translated from bablefish of french newspaper article. The lateral movement was by means of small engine blowing large fan mounted on the open frame pushing the structure. sideways. (Weightless object does not move by itself, but could be tethered on wire for movement.)

    Leedskalman , a stone mason from Europe, had something going on too. He worked during darkness with no visitors present. Large granite blocks were put in place without heavy lifting. Some individuals watched him with binoculars at dusk and saw him sprinkling light "gravel" or crystalline quartz over upper face of block. He waved his hands over the mass for awhile and it lifted. He may have only been hand spreading out the crystals over the top surface of large block.The tripod had nearby large box mounted with his spinning magnetic flywheel for reversing mass polarity as the output wire attached to mass.

    Did you see the old tech article with photo of quartz block on balance scales shifting to one side with vibrations applied to plates on either side, with frequency and high volts??

    There was a website shut down after 1 month, when sample thermocouple on accurate digital weight scales loses weight when activated , and under clear cover of a protection dome.
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    Way back, many years ago, there was a US Patent on gravity control mechanism set up. Those of you who had collected technical data on the topic, probably already know this one. Two large diameter spinning brass flywheels about 30,000 RPMS, rotating a distance from each other in opposite directions, with edges in series, each create an electrical field overlapping in both areas. Electrons migrate to the rims. When the fields are sufficient, and up to speed, there is a third field created in between flywheels called "Kinematic". Objects in this area have no weight.
    Professor Searl from England practiced with high voltage rising screens in 1950, which his money investor had called " floating butterfly nets". His later remote controlled flying saucer shape device used a combination of high voltage static field mingled with magnetic field from self rotating magnet motor. He later was able to control direction of ship in the air, that was SILENT, when newspeople came with camera equipment and had caused RF interference with the flying saucer device. He then, figured how to get it better designed with surface hull vanes redistributed to alter the force of the field to get directional control. At certain rpm and high voltage, the noises/motor sounds stop up in the air, due to the high voltage ion wind pushing away the neutral air from around the circumference of the ship. (No air area is the narrow vacuum band around the perimeter where no sound is transferred outward.) He now lectures in US at conventions about his free energy motor with rolling magnets. His shop in England was burned down after he refused to hook up to the local power grid. The motor ran a generator for free power to his shop way back in time. Preset separate wire coils in parallel around circumference create steady power. The coils all set in series cause extreme high voltage to build up on the hull based on increasing RPMS. See data + photos on The Searl Effect Generator.
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