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Beginner, trying to understand the bedini motor

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  • Beginner, trying to understand the bedini motor

    So, I started with the two coil instead of starting with the 8 coil. I have a few basic questions.

    1. What type of battery can I charge? I currently discharged a battery to 11.6V, is that enough to be charged by the bedini system? or does it have to be a battery that is below 5V
    2. The power battery I used is 12 V 5Ah, is that enough?
    3. For the core, instead of 1/16", I used 1/8" lincoln r60 rods. Is that okay? Can welding rods be used if they have flux on them?
    4. The wheel, I used a wheel that can attract magnets, will that interrupt the system?
    5. The wheel I used is 20 inch bicycle wheel with 12 magnets, will that be enough? if not how many should I have?

    Hope to get some feedback from y'all so that I can build it from the basics and learn more from the motor.
    Thank You so much for your time in replying !

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    Hopefully I can hear back some advice from some seniors in doing this project, because I am really stuck.
    I have currently connected the circuit and build the physical system. There seems to be a high pitch sound coming from the solenoid with an empty core. Those that mean the circuit is good? However, when we start adding the r60 welding rods, the sound slowly went away, what does this mean?
    Hope to hear from anyone soon !