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Oscilloscopes to measure the pulse of an energizer

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  • Oscilloscopes to measure the pulse of an energizer

    Dear forum:

    Just starting to learn about the SG energizers and would like some advise regarding an oscilloscope (other than fluke too expensive) to measure the type of pulse, magnitude and frequency. I would also like to use it to test the sine wave from a dc to ac converter. and also use it to measure bioelectricity.

    Hope someone can give me suggestions as to what to buy.

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    as far as oscopes go pretty much any one will do to see the pulse. Its how much detail you want that makes picking the one you want. I personally bought a rigol DS1102e it runs about $300-$400 and is pretty much everything i need. with a real cheap O-scope as I stated you will be able to see the pulses and spikes but there will not be much detail. If you get a more expensive one you can "zoom" in and see all the details and measure accuratly. It all just depends on how far you want to go with the measurments. Do you just want something to visualize whats going on or actually have detailed information about the signal?


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      If you want to check the rough size and position of the pulse, you don't need a high bandwidth device. The software Winscape may be enough to start you off:

      The signal goes into the sound card. Read the instructions VERY carefully or you may damage it.


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        I have a rigol DS1100 E this is the next gen. its 100 MHz

        lots of features for a great price


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