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    Picked up “Matters Arising” the book is “ A Prequel to Energy From The Vacuum by T.E. Bearden” I wish I could have received this book when the Energy From The Vacuum was first released it would have been a much welcomed companion. Although I am not yet finished the new book I am finding many excellent, welcomed explanations on many of Thomas Beardens terminologies frequented in his videos and or literature.

    I can see why this book has been delayed in its release for many years, because it contains simple explanations that the layman can and will understand, it simply exposes the hidden truth in how to extract and use the readily available hidden energy for us to use in our electric motors / generators. In my opinion the book provides clear information, but not limited to, the Bedini negative resistor process and its elements.

    This truth was hidden from us on purpose to keep us dependent, paying for our energy and to continually produce profits for those who own and or control the energy industry.

    This book is a must have for those who seek understanding. We sure are living in interesting times much thanks for this information!

    Dave Wing

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