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r-charge small window motor startup issue

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    ok enough about Rick, makes me sick to my stomach. I will delete any more conversations about him or R-Charge. If you dont hear from Him let us know in a couple of months.

    Tom C
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      Hey Bro Mickey
      You're nice telling. I appreciated your hearted post !

      About my story with r-charge !
      - 1 order went fine : I ordered a coil and got it right - perfect quality - no matter what.
      - 2 orderof the small window motor. Rick has refused my dispute in paypal. I imagine he as argumented this is a build yourself / diy project so if it doesn't work, could be my own responsability entirely. So he refused the refund dispute I opened. When I say "refund dispute"; let me clarify that I asked the refund of the 85 $ and even took the expedition off my request . Mr Friedrich had sent a mail to me asking for photos to help me - 3 weeks ago. Since then I have had no news - but since then he refused the refund request and communicated with paypal. So, he's not so far, far away in the galaxy...
      I have nothing to complain about. I understand his point. However, I believe that he is selling things that are not entirely consumer foolproof and therefore not marketable without doubt even for development projects ! It's not mature yet. I do not care about my 85 $ if paypal gives him the favor and refuses my refund request ; but I want to let other newbies like me know that ordering the pre solded kit from r-charge is not a garantee , like I thought would be, that it will work out-of-the-box ! I'll rebuild a single coil circuit from scratch and try again. But now, I am building a SG so I will be posting or helping on the SG.
      So now, .... Let's us all build and sell SG's !!

      and thanks again to all of you. Bro Mickey ===> special "positive mind" award awarded to you !


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        The spike

        Originally posted by BroMikey
        Hi Bung_ee

        You are so right have a happy year and we all have forgiven each other no matter what dirty little nasties we all have done to one another peace and love and kindness is for 2014.

        I know what you mean about people looking like they want to help. I fear that this is the normal trend for men in general, they want to be idolized, followed and hailed KING OF THE HILL.

        Things are not really what they seem trust me on that one.

        I hate to be the bringer of bad news to such kind hearted gentle people who are crushed by the newly found knowledge.

        Don't drink the kool-aid that you can not do it without someone's magic box adjustments.

        Mikey(HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL)you on the West Coast take your Iodide
        Hear hear !

        (HAPPY NEW YEAR TO) Mikey

        It's all about the spike...

        of course... lest we forget how to maximise and efficiently create it...


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          hi Guys,

          eer. The final story is that :
          I ordered one coil (good quality) and one window motor from Renaissance and Charge.
          I was unable to have the window motor order by paypal with the website, so did so by Direct debit.
          The coil was ordered thourgh paypal.
          Unfortunately, my paypal claim has been rejected . It was apparent that the order was about the coil and not the motor...
          I never had a suggestion from Rick or team after sending my photos to his own personal mailbox.
          That's destiny
          To be frank with you, I do not think the small window motor is a buy and play with toy. It did not work for me OOTB !
          For the rest, I do not intend to stop ordering because of this neither. There are too few persons doing Bedini resreach and reselling stuff that I can currently bypass; my knowledge is too limited.
          But I just want to let the newbies here know : the small window motor did not work from me, and r-charge has not been able to help or offer anything about it. Just buy simple stuff from them, they can not do more because probably of resource lack more than will...
          Anyway, thanks Rick, for bad feelings about it, you did not succeed in helping me...that's ok...
          I'm going the SSG road now.


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            Rick is not on this forum nor is R- charge supported here. if you need SG parts Teslagenx has what you need to get an SG running. just take a look at the website to see what you need. we answer our emails and phone.... and have good after purchase support. both here and with email. All of our products are endorsed By the inventor... we wont offer it otherwise.

            Tom C

            experimental Kits, chargers and solar trackers


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              I'm in perfect agreement with Tom C, perhaps we are blessed to have people like John Bedini and his excellent Synchronicity with Tom Bearden, for years now..!
              I personnaly have a feel of a similar synchronicity with this Tesla Science,and John's younger days of work as a Reminiscence of my own yester-years(the year 1984) which John has brought to another frution level, one can judge for himself what kind of harsh treat ment John would have faced all along these many years despite of which he is been determined to have this as a gift for all of us here.. God Bless you John!!!!.. we are all with you forrever....
              'Science is not science when you study it..
              Best Regards,
              'Wisdom comes from living out of the knowledge.'