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Coils aint coils are they?

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  • Coils aint coils are they?

    I know the Bedini SG books seem to say any hand wound coil will do, I agree, they will do something. The coils on John Bedini's original 10 coiler look very exact and neat. There must be huge variations out there in the replication world as far as coil windings and litzing goes?
    I just got a coil from and it is fantastic, better than anything I could wind myself anyway. It is a 5 filar, with 4 x#18 @193' & 1x#20@193' weighs over 3kg. Cannot wait to hook it up.
    See the coil at

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    That does look nice.
    Not all coils are created equal as you say. One of my best ever was one that I wound myself very similar spec as your new one. It was only two power windings 18AWG and one trigger 21AWG, 200 ft not litz'ed.

    I used it on one of my first solid state builds with an air core. If course there are many variables that could have been something other than the coil but I would swear that that particular coil just performed better than many others I have tried.

    I have often wondered what effect it may have to change around the pitch of the wind in coils. I know that some I rolled myself did not follow a precise pattern. What I mean is when rolling, the degree at which you move from top to bottom. Some with more turns at a lesser angle of attack and others with less turns at a higher angle. It gets expensive to roll coils so I have never really done a lot of comparison.


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      Yes that's what I have found too Bob. So each coil is different. But what happens if you want to have a 10 coiler and each coil is different..I would say you will not get optimum results compared to if each coil is exactly the same as each other. Same twists per inch, same tension on each layer, etc. It would also help to troubleshoot the system if all the coils are the same.
      As you say coils are expensive for most of us..but if I added up all the money I have spent on copper since 2006 when I started...and consider that the coils I wound were probably 10% as efficient as this beast will be...aaaghh what a waste of yes! learnt a lot? yes! But wish I had coils like these to buy back then. My opinion.


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        And here's another thought for what it's worth....who has ever seen an electrical power line with the kind of erratic twist and overlapping in the layers, criss crossing etc that most hack-job coils have? I don't mean to offend..all my coils are hack jobs, they charge, just like an old clapped out car still gets me from A to B. Be much nicer to drive a new car though!
        It's the same all through this system isn't it? Magnets must be exactly spaced apart for best results and firing. Coil should be the same.


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          Yea I totally agree that as the systems get larger they need to be matched. One way to help with that problem is to make branch circuits so that each coil is isolated in a way. It all depends on the over all operation that the builder is looking for. Using cap dumps or not, recombine branches or not ect. But yea even matched components and coils has got to be the best in any case.

          I have been using coils from TeslagenX on my last few builds and I gotta say they work very well.

          Let us know how the new coil performs when you get everything setup. Is it replacing another coil or is it for a new build?


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            Old frame, new coil, new circuit and new cap dump circuit, my first cap dump actually. Going to sleep now. Shall keep you posted on results.


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              Hi to all,
              Its been frustrating to rely on machines than relying on your self... its been my experience that in the recent times when using Machine winding, ended up with horrible
              result on the no. of turns especially when you go for the attraction mode winding, unlike the simultaneous Bifilar winding (will be same no of turns any way!)unless you have well maintained machines and calibrated ones.. i had a second hand machine hand operated one which is horribly gone bad in its counter..
              just my experience, so a word of advice to all to do it by hand when it comes to winding the coil.
              'Wisdom comes from living out of the knowledge.'


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                Check out Daniel Nunez´s coils if u like - or his site 1stopenergies


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                  Coils aint coils are they?

                  Thanks Dominus, but they are not coils for an SG are they. Nice work though!

                  I think that it is obvious with whatever coil is used, that the fruit is in the pudding...or the results will speak for themselves...but then again, every other component must be also working as it should to it's full potential.

                  Thanks to John Bedini we are even talking about this at all!


                  Originally posted by Dominus View Post
                  Check out Daniel NunezĀ“s coils if u like - or his site 1stopenergies


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                    I'll surely give it a try as Nunez is applying them to motors too