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    Alright, all of the materials for the alloy activation chamber have arrived, will be picking them up sometime this week. The chamber itself being built sometime within the next 2-3 weeks. Activation will take 1-2 days. I'll try to remember the phone for capturing the build and activation procedures. The main difficulty now is finding a source of hydrogen gas, until we get that the activation can not happen.

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    i need 99.9999% pure chemical grade pressurized H2 gas, i'll be using it around 8bar

    MHD technology great tech, requires tremendous levels of magnetic fields to generate useful power. 3+ Tesla

    My batteries are best for long term power supply but not instantaneous high power demand, due to the nature of the chemical reaction.

    I am fascinated with MHD and am confident that i have a design that could work VERY well and use rare-earth permanent 8+ T magnetic rings. It would be heavy, but could generate in excess of 100kw+ for medium units. Only needing HHO or molten salt input

    MHD is one of my favorite future technologies for scaling down to commercial- civilian application.

    the major issue is that MHD does not scale down very well as it is a mass and velocity dependent energy generation mechanism. At least the conventional application. So it can only be scaled down so much, until it costs WAAAAAy more to operate than it off-sets from energy production

    an ingenius technology that will soon be discovered by human scientists is the ability for silicates and some crystalline formations to generate "excess" energies when in a MHD setup, where an applied photon beam generates statically polarized vibration within the crystal lattice and an applied magnetic field will force the charge to flow in certain directions. This is known as solid-state mhd effects. This technology could be used to not only breed anti-matter (different subject) but also generate massive surplus' of electrical energy in the form of mainly high voltage potential gradients. If used as the particle accelerator mechanisms for a Liquid Metal-Room temperature MHD dynamo, then the velocities and low-power requirements for civilian scale MHD tech is possible

    The issue then becomes R&D, investment cost, and liquid metal choice..... because mercury and mercuric alloys are the best choice and more power-dense at the given temp requirements.... gallium works, but needs fine tuning

    If a thin Palladium or Platinum coated carbon layer is placed over Sterling Engines piston chambers, HHO can be directly used, without need of combustion, to power the sterling, no problem. However the energy to generate super heated steam, run a stirling, create gas, just to harness the ionic differential of the gaseous streams would leave you with more energy loss than energy gain. A more efficient process is just to power a turbine from the Steam, and put the MHD on the output of the steam generator system (whether HHO, or CO2, Coal or Natural gas, or Thermal) Less room for loss.

    HHO can be used in a MHD environment, both the H and the O atoms have charge, and conductivity and therefor will function as a reasonable MHD working fluid. The issue lies in the energy required to generate the HHO and accelerate the HHO plasma up to high enough velocities to generate useful current

    Also, the major issue with HHO is when the HHO gas is combusted, it reforms back into water. Which can not be used in an MHD unless it contains conductive impurities