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What do you think of this circuit?

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  • What do you think of this circuit?

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ID:	51450 It has two power supplies a 36V hydrogen fuel cell and a 24V battery. The FC is for cruising speeds and the battery is for sharp acceleration and start-up. When the switch is closed the fuel cell will power the motor and force the Schottky into a reverse bias, which prevents the battery from discharging (as well as can be expected) through the circuit. This set's up a voltage differential within the op-amp (comparator) which activates the op-amp to send current from the generator into the battery. Power source can be from back-emf circuits or from a wheel connected generator or another battery. When the FC switch is open the battery discharges into the motor and the op-amp closes the current between the generator and the battery and instead sends the generators current into an electrolyzer to create and store H2 (this can be toggled on and off) Essentially the circuits is supposed to allow control over discharge and recharging of current sources for a DC motor.

    Any thoughts?

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    just wondering peoples opinions, it's a circuit that i am working on for an electric bike

    I need a proof of concept for my battery design, so i am looking at ways to make something that is both functional, compact, and innovative. Since the battery is wired in such a way 95% of the time it is being charged by an on-board generator, a small 24V generator (only a few amps) which can be toggled on and off. This is the basic circuit. I am now working on the logical circuits for monitoring circuit conditions and toggling the generator and battery connection (not shown but an arduino will regulate the output of the comparator.