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  • Where did IT go?

    Since NOBODY is interested in this I will say that I AM. Let explain why.

    Back in 2006 I started a BAD DIVORCE. Outside of that I came across a product that did the IMPOSSIABLE!!!! It was called NATURIZE. It looked like another product but this was most definately NOT the same thing. I am an organic gardener so the other was out of the picture anyways. This was microbial or atleast that was the claim. I bought this stuff at a GARAGE near Livingston,Tennessee. Yes a garage. This guy bought all kinds of now defunct products andsold them out of his garage. Well the divorce occured and I was alone at the beginning (early Janurary) of 2007. I did have a garden which I used some of this stuff on. I got too many tomatoes to eat for a family of 4...odd since I only had 6 plants. Well during that cold Janurary month I watched a DEAD perinial(however you spell it!) plant not only grow but bloom into something I just could not believe! Yes I treated it...just for fun. Since then....

    Well, I lost my place AFTER getting it in the divorce due to the ex. My supply of NATURIZE vanished with it. This stuff works!!! I guess that is why it NO LONGER CAN BE FOUND!!! Since then I have sought out where to find ANY of it that remains. If you find ..... hang on to it as it is better than gold in my book.

    John H

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    Try this:

    Naturize Biosciences LLC

    Address: 11760 Marco Beach Dr # 1
    Jacksonville, FL,


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      Thanks Howard! I really wish this was still for sale at Walmart.


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        Any word if they deliver to other countries too? I'd be interested in trying this out.


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          I have spread mycellium into my very small area for growing a few plants, and I am amazed that the plants with the mycellium are 2x the size of the same aged and type of plant. I also had indoor oyster mushrooms at one time, lost that run but all the same this is the interesting part. I once place some seeds that were crushed into the live mycellium run, and to my suprise most of the seeds decided to grow! Yes - mycellium can really help seeds that other wise would be assumed to be damaged and never grow to grow...


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            I used a product from "Garden Grounds" I think they're out of business. They were just a reseller from a manufacturer.
            It was the fungus mixed with used/dried coffee grounds.

            When I put it in my garden, I also used biochar, rock dust and earthworms.

            The roots of my sunflowers were more dense than a steel wool pad, literally. Never saw anything like it.
            Aaron Murakami

            You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.” ― Richard Buckminster Fuller