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    Biochar can improve water quality, reduce soil emissions of greenhouse gases, reduce nutrient leaching, reduce soil acidity, and reduce irrigation and fertilizer requirements.

    Biochar as a soil amendment enhances plant growth and reduces the need for water and fertilizer. Additionally, nutrients present in the soil are more available to plants, making good soil even better. You can create biochar in your own garden by burning brush, wood shavings, dry weeds, and other garden debris in a trench.

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    How do you make biochar? ​​

    You can make biochar at domestic on a micro-scale by burrowing a trench or gap and putting a blend of dry wood and dried plant materials such as sweetcorn stalks or perpetual weeds and roots into it. Set fire to the fabric which is able at first provide off clouds of white smoke.


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      Do worms eat biochar?

      Worms like breaking down the natural fabric to eat. Biochar doesn't break down. In truth, what little pieces of biochar that really pass through a worm's stomach related tract wouldn't offer much to the worm by way of sustenance. But it would certainly charge the biochar with all sorts of brilliant proteins and microscopic organisms.