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Aquaponics in Houston, Texas

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  • Aquaponics in Houston, Texas

    Hi all,

    I would like to start a thread on the challenges of aquaponics that would be unique to the area. In particular I am thinking about the heat and humidity of the summer.

    As a starter I would suggest a high tunnel with clear plastic covering for the winter and a black or heavy shade covering for the summer. I am thinking tomatoes and Tilapia.

    Does anyone have experience with this in this or a similar environment?

    Looking forward to the discussion.


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    Look in the members systems for ppl's projects from the Houston area. there are quite a few, and lot's of pther ppls systems that you will get ideas from for your own project.

    This is my AP system in the DFW area:


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      Aquaponics in Houston Texas

      I own an antique Grandfather Clock, which has been in need of repairs for several years now, and Im thinking to finally get it repaired.

      Anyone know a good Grandfather Clock Repair shop? I live in Houston, TX.


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        after I read about aquaponic, I think it is quite an interesting thing. I mean you plant while raising fish which give benefits for both. what a wow!