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    What I have heard is that sometimes people making their own "liposomal" C just end up making an emulsion of C and lecithin. I would have no way to test what I made and so basically I am paying Livon because I am trusting their quality control. Hadn't heard of ReCverin will have to read on it.

    Infowars has an article that aerosol transmission of Ebola may partly be a function of humidity and temperature, i.e. spreads by air better in cold weather, and disturbingly they link to the published study on this, ah, that wouldn't be good. I have just about collated all the studies on C as an anti-viral and silver as an anti-viral. After this I plan to go through the studies and write up a couple monographs on those topics. Of course it is not like one has to use just one thing. Vitamin D is anti-viral, zinc over 75 mg/day shortens durations of colds, then there are things like honey and garlic so on and so forth. But in terms of a single agent "cure" that is cheap, non-toxic and available I would put intravenous (liposomal??) C at the top of the list along with possibly colloidal silver. A Bob Beck blood electrolyzer might do a lot of good and I would greatly suspect a Bedini 4 wave mixer would do a great deal of good, unfortunately there isn't a loot of conventional published research there and even if there was I doubt most people would even read about such a thing much less try it. It is also a darn shame they aren't asking Ebola survivors to donate blood to new cases, i.e anti-serums, just waiting on the vaccine to come and save the day at the last minute.


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      Ebola outbreak may be slowing down. That's what is being trumpeted and the official numbers are all over the map. My guess is, as it has been for awhile, it is slowing down. Doesn't make much sense from an infectious disease standpoint, the pathogen would not be expected to become less infectious, the potential host behavior might have changed but I would think people in that area were pretty concerned about the virus two months ago when it was expanding exponentially, weather doesn't change much there and the health systems were falling apart. It may still be growing out of control and an attempt is being made to hide it, I doubt it. I will be cynical and say what I think may, I emphasize may have happened. Something to modify transmission rate or cure rate was quietly introduced. This was because with this disease outbreak, whether naturally occurring or artificially induced, the way to "play" it was to increase adoption globally of vaccination. WHO has just been caught with their pants down giving vaccines for tetanus to Kenyan women over the past few months which are laced with BCG, BCG is a protein involved in pregnancy and mounting an immune response to it from the vaccine induces sterility for a period of years. WHO was caught doing this previously in the 1990s in two different countries. I am of course entirely speculating here but I suspect that it wasn't realized that the unfolding of the epidemic would call for strict national borders globally, something that "globalists" abhor. As a bonus, Russia, which was effectively "quarantined" by all the trade sanctions would benefit greatly by continued open borders in the West. Russia is quite unpopular with the satanist globalists at the moment for having both nationalistic and apparently Christian leadership. Secondly, it was likely going to be unavoidable that at some point in the near future going forward an alternative treatment would be found to undeniably greatly improve or cure Ebola. Such an event would undermine faith in conventional revenue streams (er treatments) and blunt the seeming need for mass vaccinations. Realize that I have trouble knowing what I had for breakfast two days ago let alone what is going on in whole nations on the other side of the world, but if I had to guess I would think the goal now is to leave Ebola simmering at a low endemic rate as a persistent manageable bogeyman (sort of like Bin Laden - oops) and salesman for vaccinations without causing nationalism, closing borders or leading to obvious dramatic low cost cures. Again I don't know time will tell, I never would have expected a massive Ebola outbreak to start with.

      Alright as this is my thread I can take it off topic without having to apologize I think. So I haven't forgotten about science experiments. The problem has been my work area, and apartment started becoming such a mess it really was screwing with any work. I would order something say two months ago then a month ago say "where are those latching hall effect sensors?" the darn little ants would be no where to be found. So I realized for quality of life and for work I needed to clean and get organized, I am about a week in and perhaps have a week to go. Once finished I have focused in on two starting points for experiments, the first is technically more simple and has to do with centrifugal motion. In a different post I mentioned the DREAD weapon system writeup that I stumbled upon. It is a centrifugal gun and the proponents note there is no recoil force in their brochure. I found that astounding and also would be astounded if it is publicly developed. On thinking on it more though, if it is a weapon one would expect the projectile would travel in a straight line. So let's reduce their weapon now to a marble on a string, you spin the marble on the string around in a circle with your hand. Now the string is cut. Where does the marble go? There are (well amongst others) three options. If it was cut right in front of your eyes and you were swinging counter clockwise it should as far as I can tell from Newtonian mechanics shoot straight to your left. It doesn't do that of course because of the outward centrifugal force (Newtonian?) which is at right angles to the momentum. It flys outward. Now we have two options, the marble could fly outward from the centrifugal force and retain the momentum it had from its circular motion. That's the obvious solution except I am guessing it doesn't happen a) what good is a gun where the bullets follow a curve dependent on initial rotational velocity? b) if you look at where a hammer thrower releases the hammer why don't they knock someone senseless in the stands? The third option then is when you cut the string the marble flies off precisely at a right angle straight line tangent with no concern at all for the previous momentum. If the third option happens to be true, and you think about it for a moment or two, well honestly I got nothing, to be silly, it screws with a lot of things. You mess with momentum (i.e. it disappeared or was entirely right angle translated) is it something to do with mass, is it position, is the circular frame of reference viewed as a point from outside?

      So I want to see what happens and if option three is genuine. So 1) a 3 volt hobby motor, attached to three CDs glued together, 2) A Rheostat/varioster/potentiometer (I like potentiometer cool word) attached to hobby motor power supply to vary rotational speed of CDs. 3) An iron core electromagnet on the CDs and a three/nine volt power source to energize electromagnet on opposite end of CDs 4) A 1/2 inch steel ball bearing which will be attached by magnetic attraction to the electromagnet (oh wait I lost the steal ball bearing after I ordered it, but I have a chunk of steel the same size as the iron core which should do) 5) Spin the CDs/electromagnet/battery/steel ball bearing. The last part is to shut off the electromagnet (cut the string with the marble attached) at a consistent point of rotation whenever one would like. I get in trouble talking about things before I've tried them, but I suspect the elegant way to do this is a latching Hall effect sensor, then when you are at the rotational speed you like introduce a magnet of opposite polarity. Will have to see if I can find latching Hall effect sensors or if I need to order them but another way might be have a reed switch bridged across the +/- of battery. Introduce a magnet and short the battery and coil. This will allow the steel ball bearing to fly off the electromagnet at a given point, it might also fry the reed. One way or another that is the idea. From there you do the following release it at 100 rpms see where it lands, release it at 500 rpms see where it lands, 1,000 2,000 etc. From there I will put it on a cart and release the ball bearing and see if there is a recoil force. From there I will put a plate on the end of the cart for the ball bearing to hit and see what fun might ensue

      That's it I may honestly return first to my my V-gate/pulse motor hybrid and looking at shorting askance coils and how possibly to feed these back to primary, its more work technically but more what I am enthusiastic about at the moment. Either way I hope to finish at least something for my mentors and colleagues here and document part of it by video by Thanksgiving/Christmas time frame.


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        do not worry we are studying medicine. it will soon appear alone


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          Hai.. I know a little bit on how Ebola virus can spread wildly! A study has confirmed that Ebola virus are able to stay alive for 10 weeks! So far this is the virus that has the longest lifespan. And Ebola virus can stay longer inside dead body because they will have supply to all the nutrition that they need.