I used the Lakhovski passive type antenna on my old beagle dog many years ago. He had neck arthritis and was listless, for a long time. I put plastic spacer block with tape,- as insulated, with #12 bare copper wire spiral on neck, after removing his collar. The next morning my alarm clock did not go off- first!. The dog was yelling out in his kennel. I went out before coffee and let him out. He tore all around the yard and wagging his tail. This was done two times as successful, several months apart. There is a thing called BIAS. GEE I THINK I FEEL BETTER! Maybe you and me , but not animals and plants. The radiation very weak frequency signals coming from space is all around us. The spiral concentrates this inside the spiral on living cell tissues and energizes the cells to heal faster. See old booklet by Clement- he was assistant of Lakovski. He wrote about the cancer plant tests called - The Waves That Heal. Expensive booklet may be already on internet to view.

Do you know about the Integratron building out west, that was 90% done for healing crowds of people at the the same time? The inventor died suddenly, and the construction was stopped. What about all those social security payments that would have been continued on and on for pay out? This was a very large ACTIVE TYPE high voltage lakhovski Multiwave Oscillator with living people in large open area. There was Entrance and exit.