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  • Open Source Psychotronics

    Psychotronics, being a realm of electronics that have influence on the mind.
    Open source, meaning open to anyone to view, modify, edit, amend.

    Having set that groundwork, this thread is a sharing ground for open source Psychotronic devices. This Particular device, i will state up front, i cannot measure its emmision with a multimeter. I can only feel it in my body, and have had it validated by several other people. The idea is essentially sending frequencies (amplified) down 1 wire to a conductive 3 sided pyramid. The electricity builds up and, having no where to go, shift to some other form and bubbles out to an area of about 20 feet. Different frequencies seem to hit harmonics that cause "feelings" , and the brain entrains to this stronger frequency.

    This project started from a unsatisfactory tesla Experiment. The radiant energy collector. 1 wire connected to a aluminum plate. I absolutely could not work with science in such a 2 dimensional plane. I folded the plate up into a tetrahedron. After harvesting a very small amount of measurable voltage, i thought, what if instead of pulling energy, i PUSH energy. and thus started the experiments of pushing frequencies out through a pyramid, and began experiencing feeling effects. So the experiments accelerated, and here we are.

    Here is the guide how to build them. Good luck and have fun.