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Eliminate AIDS with the Rife machines and the Prioré machine, free eBook to download

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  • Eliminate AIDS with the Rife machines and the Prioré machine, free eBook to download

    Eliminate AIDS with the Rife machines and the Prioré machine, free eBook to download

    This is a non-copyrighted, free-for-download eBook explaining how to cure AIDS using the the Royal Rife machines and the Antoine Prioré machine.
    It explains the origin of AIDS; the extent of the AIDS problem; and
    the *complete* theories behind the Rife microscope, the Rife frequency machine, and the Priore scalar wave mixing machine.

    The completely legal and free download link from the original publisher is here:

    If you would temporary suspend judgment on the authorship of the material, and tolerate the authors occasionally going off-topic,
    then you can judge the validity of this book entirely on its life-saving scientific and technical contents.

    Here is a bit of the book content to give you a taste:

    My colleague, Royal, utilized circular, wedge-shaped, block-crystal quartz prisms to polarize the light to be send through his scope. You must have the ability to send every portion of the spectrum throughout the prism. That portion is selectable, so that a very narrow band corresponding to any color from infrared up through the visible colors and then through the entire ultraviolet range - in extremely narrow steps, can be selected for use in illuminating the specimens. As you encounter mutants of a giving frequency of a particle, bacteria, virus, etc., you will find very, very critical and minute variations of perfect attunement. However, do not let this mislead you for remember, the perfection of attunement much be with the perfect cell so that stress in maintained on the invader particle.


    Heterodying Light

    Let us consider an observed fact in physics. This is a principle used in radio and in work and sound. When two different frequencies of vibration are produced, they interact upon each other to produce two new frequencies - one of which is the difference between the two originating or fundamental frequencies. As a good example in the range of sound; take, say, a tone of 400 cycles per second and another tone of 600 cycles per second, the resulting new frequencies will then be 200 cycles per second - or the difference, and 1,000 cycles for the other new tone, the sum.

    Royal applied the principle to the field of light. The visible frequencies range from about 436 trillion oscillations per second at the red end of the visible spectrum, to about 732 trillion oscillations per second at the violet end of the visible spectrum. An oscillatory rate faster than 732 trillion times per second results in a beam which is in the invisible, ultraviolet range. The ultra-violet band occupies several of vibration, as compared to the visible spectrum which occupies less than one octave of vibration. The upper limit of an octave has twice the vibratory rate of the lower limit of the same octave.

    Therefore, the brands of the vibratory light spectrum invisible to the human eye is larger than the frequency range of the light spectrum which the human eye can perceive and for your current endeavors, you will be working most diligently in your blind range for the most part.

    You accomplish the process of this light by bringing an invisible, ultraviolet beam of, say, 1,200 trillion oscillations per second into contact with another equally-invisible beam of say, 1,700 trillion oscillations per second; the difference between the oscillatory rates of the two originating beams result in the production of a light beam having an oscillatory rate of 500 trillions per second, which is within the range visible to the human eye.


    Many microorganisms could only be observed, in the past, if stained with a chemical. Some microorganisms never became visible with other microscopes, because no suitable stain could be found. What is more important is that with the addition of stains, the frequencies are altered and correct reading cannot be determined. Royal's microscope had the prime advantage in that he could locate many microorganisms having no color in the visible light range - their frequency characteristic is such that they have a "color" in the invisible, ultraviolet range. By the use of the heterodyning principle in this microscopes as mentioned, the microorganisms of ultraviolet colors are brought into the visible light range in their natural state, without the use of any stain. Because of the breakdown of the cycling assumption, you will also find that much is similar in the infrared scope. The heterodyning principle in the scope also brings into visibility the microorganisms with hand not responded to any known stain, and all microorganisms can be viewed in their natural state. This gives the investigator a considerable advantage for in addition to a stain changing the frequency it has another great disadvantage - it kills the organism.

    This is the only method, further, which allows viewing of organisms in their living state - electron microscopes instantly kill any living organisms with the beams projected.

    Further, consider this, which is most often overlooked. As you attune frequency, you are not "just" bringing the invisible into visible - but you are also causing the clutter of the visible to become invisible...

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    Stillbatt, Are you sure this is the most appropriate thread to post about this handbook? We know it is great but it has nothing to do with OP subject



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      Thanks! Just the book I need, to help explain about the amazing work of Rife. Can't forget Priore, but believe he found his disease killer by accident, so not the same kind of intellect in my personal opinion.