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Rpx circuit - how to de-tune trimmer capacitors

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  • Rpx circuit - how to de-tune trimmer capacitors

    Hi guys. Does anyone know how to de-tune trimmer capacitors. They are variable capacitors and can only be manipulated on the PCB, they are not for the end-user only the technician. I want to build a working RPX device. I am buying an RPX device with Multifunction generator and lithium iron battery as a package off A&PMedia or whomever is behind the Bedini team, to support their research etc. But this 1 issue is confusing me. I am untrained at this point and I have taught myself beginner electronics, but at this point this particular issue has stop me in my tracks for now at least. Any help would be most appreciated. The trimmer capacitors are part of a (PI ?) network on the circuit and according to John Bedini they have to be "de-tuned". Many thanks. Pat.

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    All a trimmer cap is a capacitor with a slot on top for a plastic screw driver. Don't be affraid of them. They are just like a big variable cap where you would grab the knob to turn it....these are just so tiny that instead of a knob a small screw driver is used.


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      Thank you for the reply Mr. Malone. Yes I am familiar with the description of the trimmer cap. I know they are adjusted at the circuit assembly stage, but Mr. Bedini in his dvd mentioned he "de-tuned" the trimmer caps and this confused me, as how could anything with a value be set as neutral? Many thanks. Pat.


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        Mr Bedini basically tells us to put 2 trimmer capacitors into the RF Amp part of his circuit but does not go into detail about how to adjust these capacitors, only saying that when you grasp the electrodes you put the circuit into "resonance".